Goodbye Theatre Royal Plymouth

For the past couple of months, I have been apart of one of the most amazing opportunities. Theatre Royal Plymouth created a scheme for bloggers in Plymouth, with no previous experience in the theatre industry I jumped at this opportunity and then I received the amazing news that I gained a place on the scheme. With there being such a big interest in the scheme, the Theatre wanted to make it a quarterly opportunity, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Now the Spring term is over, it is time to say goodbye to the Theatre, as ten new bloggers are getting their backstage experience. Before saying farewell, I would like to chat about the scheme, first up! What did I enjoy the most? It would have to be seeing parts of performances that you wouldn’t normally, as well as meeting cast members. This was the whole aim of the scheme, we were never there to review the performance, we would speak about our backstage experience.


I met some amazing people, including Gary Wilmot, who played George MacMillan in BIG the Musical, comedy duo Susie Donkin and Pauline Morel from Gloria in the MistLaura Rios Curbelo, Claudia Rodriguez Pozo and Norge Cedeño Raffo from Danza Contemporánea de Cuba and finally Andrew KellyJesse Meadows and Jack Drewry from The Star Seekers. Like most things, there’s always something you’ll miss. For me it would be the opportunity to go backstage as well as the other bloggers.

Even though we didn’t see one another very much and weren’t together for long, we have become really good friends! We decided to have a farewell meal at the Slug & Lettuce in Plymouth, I don’t think I have ever laughed that much. It was a perfect evening with the perfect people, we were catching up on what we’ve done in our lives, as well as the future for us. We had some good old laughs and it was brilliant, especially after the time I’ve had, it’s good to laugh once in a while.

Also, I think I have fallen in love with the Slug & Lettuce, their meals are amazing! And their desserts… well, they are even better. With a 3 for £7 offer we couldn’t refuse, which meant 6 desserts to share between us all and they were all soo heavenly. They were the cutest little dessert and more than enough for us all to have a good portion. It’s going to be weird not seeing these bloggers, I think even more so for me with the move to Aylesbury, but I am hopeful that when I visit Plymouth, I’ll also be able to catch up with them.

If you’re based in or around Plymouth and you love the Theatre, you should definitely check out the scheme! You’ve just missed the deadline for the Summer term, but if you keep an eye out on the Theatre Royal Plymouth website, you’ll know for the Autumn term. I wouldn’t change this opportunity for anything and I will remember it for a lifetime.


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2 thoughts on “Goodbye Theatre Royal Plymouth

  1. This is such a great scheme! It’s amazing the theatre have put this on for bloggers, i wish somewhere here done that as it would be an amazing experience! It must be sad saying good bye but it’s good you got to experience this.

    Jordanne ||

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