August 2017 – Book Lovers Day

Since finishing university, I’ve had a lot more time on my hands, for this I’ve managed to read a lot more, one of my favourite hobbies! During my semesters, I would read books after books, but these would be boring books for my assignments. I lost interest in reading for fun as well as just not having enough time. If you’ve been following An Ocean Glimmer for a while, you’ll know that I’ve been taking part in some book blog tours.

These have fueled my reading needs and has shown me just how much I’ve missed reading for pleasure. Which is why I’m currently loving today, because it is Book Lovers Day! There are many different ways you can celebrate Book Lovers Day because we are all different, we need some that will fuel all our needs. You can read some of your favourite books, maybe something from your childhood that you loved or what about a trip to your local library and just sit there for hours and read all kinds of books.

Another way would be to join a local book club, where you can discuss the book with like minded people, I’m sure it will be interesting to pick up a new book that someone else has recommended. For me, I finally managed to read the Deadpool Unleased comics! They’ve been stuck on my shelf for a little while now just mocking me but thanks to no longer being at University and not working for the past couple of days, I’ve managed to pick them up.


Since watching Deadpool in cinema, he has become my favourite Marvel character. I’m not going to spoil these comics for you because you’ve gotta read them for yourself to truly enjoy them! I think I’m going to be reading these for a little while now as I’ve only completed volume one out of the five I have currently, but I am not disappointed at that. I could read Deadpool for hours once I start reading.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post! I know it’s a little short, but I promise soon I will return to my long posts. Let me know in the comments your favourite book as well as your favourite types of genres.


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10 thoughts on “August 2017 – Book Lovers Day

  1. I love Deadpool he is awesome! My favourite Marvel character though is Wolverine I love him. I have an Origin comic of him and it’s awesome. I love reading for pleasure and I’m happy to read you have found that again, also book lovers day is every day hehe!

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    1. Yees, I’ve missed it soo much! You don’t realise that until you go back, Wolverine is pretty awesome too! I’ve never actually read a comic book with him in it, only watched the movies


  2. Damn, how did I miss Book Lovers Day!? I’m glad to hear that you’re finding a little more time for reading, I am too this summer now that I’ve finished my degree and I’m loving it! I have just finished Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit which was so striking and thought provoking!
    Abbey ❤️

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  3. I missed booklovers day….. booooo! I’ll have to remember for next year! I love deadpool, he’s lile one of my favourite “superheros” because he’s just so… real haha his sense of humour makes it for me. Ps, I love your little plush of him!
    Jordanne || I

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    1. I know right! When I watched Deadpool I became addicted! He’s such a great character and bar far my favourite, his sense of humour is perfect +& thank youu! He’s adorable right!


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