Favourite YouTubers

YouTube has become a part of my daily life, be it watching unboxing videos of some awesome subscription boxes or walkthroughs of the latest games, there is a YouTube video out there for all of us. They allow us to pass the time and get away from our normal lives, some even say they become a part of your daily life, I know it sure does for myself!

I thought I would share with you today some of my favourite YouTubers, of course why I love them and pick a favourite video from the past couple of days. That will probably be where it becomes a little tricky! I managed to reel myself in and only choose four YouTubers if you look at my subscribers list this is a good achievement.


Since coming across RomanAtwoodVlogs I have fallen in love with the Atwood/Smith family! Through these vlogs, you watch the lives of Brittney, Roman, Noah, Kane and now baby Cora, as well as their extended family. I love watching these and they have definitely become a part of my daily life, with Roman living in Ohio, America the time zone is forever away.

Meaning when he uploads, I’m getting ready for bed. I do feel like I sleep better after watching his vlogs. My favourite recent vlog from Roman has to be the announcement of their baby girl, Cora. It was a long time coming as with the suspense they created beforehand, it was only around the corner, it was also such a special vlog he created, something they are able to look back on, even Cora when she becomes older.



I am most definitely a geeky girl at heart, with my money situation I’ve never been able to always buy the latest games, that’s where theRadBrad comes in. Brad normally receives the games before they come out or plays them the day of release, perfect for me! I think I am addicted to watching his videos, as he is a great gamer and his voice doesn’t annoy me.

My favourite recent series from him would have to be Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus because he’s managed to get early access to the game, that’s not being released until late October, which isn’t actually that far away now. I’ve enjoyed the Wolfenstein series since the very beginning so I’m excited by the game.



Another channel to fuel my geeky side would be JaWarlock, as he unboxes pretty much all the main subscription from the United Kingdom, as well as some crates from across the pond in America. I love how he unboxes as well as the variation he includes on his channel, he is always on the look out for new and exciting boxes as well.

My favourite recent unboxing from JaWarlock would have to be Comic of the Month Club, as this is a crate that I’m very much interested in! It’s just a shame that it’s from America and they put the price up massively for shipping… I do like the idea of the Club as you are introduced to new comic books.


YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon

Last but no means least, YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon a channel that is full of laughs and comical moments from all involved. This is the channel that started it all for the YOGSCAST and now there’s a channel for everyone involved, but the original channel is still my favourite. I love how they appeal to mainly a younger audience, through Minecraft but also an older audience through games like GTA V and Gmod TTT.

I have always liked anything GTA V related from the YOGSCAST as they always play together and just have a laugh. Especially when they use bombs on the tracks to blow up their rivals without them even realising until it happens.


I hope you have enjoyed this post! I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for a while now with YouTube being such a big part of my life. It was only now that I felt it was the correct time, I would now love to know your favourite YouTubers. Is there someone that you watch daily and just can not get enough off?


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17 thoughts on “Favourite YouTubers

  1. I don’t actually watch any of your favourite YouTubers so I am feeling a binge-session coming on this afternoon! YOGSCAST sounds like it’s right up my street, anything comical that can make me laugh is a winner in my book! I have been obsessed with Trisha Paytas on YouTube for ages now, she’s totally crazy but you never know what’s coming next from her, which is what I really like! The only other person I watch religiously is Ellis Wooley, she’s a small YouTuber but her content is so creative and genuine, I love her!

    Abbey 👑 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk


    1. Aww! If you like a good laugh in GTA or Minecraft you’ll definitely love the YOGSCAST, you should check them out girl! +& I might have to check those two channels out! They sound pretty interesting, I’m always on the look out for new channels


  2. I love watching unboxing videos, they are my favourite. My man Nick is really into computer and gaming so he watches a lot of technical videos which I watch and they confuse the hell out of me but he understand what they’re saying. This may sound boring but at the end of the day when my babies are sleeping I pop my headphones on and watch/listen to music videos. Haha. I do enjoy watching other bloggers vlogs though they are doing something incredible there!

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