Introduction to Aylesbury

I’ve always been very open about where I live, I’m sure if you’ve followed An Ocean Glimmer for a while, you’ll know EVERYTHING about Plymouth. There’s just soo much to show you and there’s always something new going on, which I love showing you guys. The scenery was something else, you’ll know this if you read my National Camera Day post. This is why I wanted to introduce you to where I’m living now, a small town called Aylesbury near London.

I don’t want to ramble too much here over why I moved, so you should definitely check out my previous post which explains all. But for now, let’s talk about Aylesbury, I’m currently living with my Uncle and Nan in their three bedroom house, along with the partner. It’s not 100% at the moment because my space doesn’t represent me! But I’ve only been living here just over a month, these things take time.

Just like my Goodbye Plymouth post, I thought I would list 5 things I’m looking forward to by living in Aylesbury.

1. Living so Close to London & Silverstone

On top of my list would have to be the location! I am only an hour by train away from London as well as 45 minutes away from Silverstone, which will definitely become my second home. You all know how much I love motorsports and I’m going to try and get down to the circuit as much as possible. London is a beautiful city but I just could not see myself living there! It’s just way too expensive, I don’t think I could cope, but living in Aylesbury means I can go to London whenever I want. Which is definitely something I am looking forward to, as there’s always soo much I see happening in London but I just live too far away.


2. Being so Close to Family

Living in Plymouth, I only had my immediate family but now in Aylesbury, I’m living with my Uncle and Nan, as well as having my Cousin’s family and my Aunt only down the road! I am a massive family person so this is perfect, especially as my Cousin has just had a little one, I can’t wait to see him grow. My parents and Sisters are a further hour away along with my Dad’s side of the family. Miles better than the five hours it was previously!

3. Prospects of a Full-Time Job in PR

Down South, there weren’t very many full-time jobs in PR, despite looking high and low I just could never find anything that sounded interesting. Around London though there are soo many different PR companies, which is where I believe I can find a suitable job for me. I have my fingers crossed for this and hopefully, I’ll hear back soon about some of the ones I applied for.

4. Exploring a New Town

You’ll all know how much I praised Plymouth, there was soo much that I loved and I’ll definitely be missing all that. I’m hopeful of finding those things I loved in Plymouth, in Aylesbury so I can not wait to start exploring Aylesbury. My family have lived here for my whole life and whenever I’ve visited, I’ve seen the changes just like any town. I’m really interested in finding new cafes as well as restaurants to visit with the partner, we were running out of places in Plymouth. I wonder what treasures I’ll find in Aylesbury.


5. Being More Independent

I feel like me living in Aylesbury, is going to give me more independence, there’s a lot more I can attend myself both in Aylesbury and outside. As well as doing more chores around the house, with it acting like it’s mine rather than it just being my parent’s. It is going to be challenging, I don’t think I would expect anything less but I am looking forward to it. I feel like I am going to be semi-adult! This is the next stepping stone before me and the partner can move out ourselves.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! I’m slowly getting settled in, I’m making my room that just little bit homely, I’m one for ornaments and pictures. Let me know in the comments what you would love me to explore in Aylesbury. I can not wait to show you this town.


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24 thoughts on “Introduction to Aylesbury

    1. Thank-youu lovely! It’s perfect, there’s soo much around the explore, today it was Milton Keynes and IKEA yaay wouldn’t have been able to do that at home. I am looking forward to the future of being here


  1. I live close to London when I’m not at university and it’s great, it’s nice to visit the capital and do things every now and again. I love that you’ve seen this as a way to have more independence it’s a really great view to have x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay you! Enjoy your more independent life! You’ll decorate your room soon and you’ll feel a lot more at home as well. So excited for you!

    Julia xx

    Liked by 1 person

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