Back to School // Stationery Haul

If you know me, you’ll know how much I love stationery, I am massively addicted to all things stationery. With Back to School just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to pick up some new bits, as everywhere has a good collection of stationery products. I can not go anywhere without picking up a new notebook, I’ve got more notebooks than I can count on my hands!

They definitely have all their uses, I am always writing down notes and information, so notebooks come in handy. As well as other stationery items, with me no longer being in education, I can pick up new stationery products anytime of the year! It used to be my favourite thing, picking up new stationery products for the new school term. With running a blog, stationery definitely comes in handy.

I love using notebooks for blog photos, as well as using them to write down any new ideas for posts. Now I’ve moved to Aylesbury, I no longer have a Paperchase that I can just wander around while in town, mine is now over 40minutes away… So I’ve had to get used to going into other stationery shops to pick up my stationery. I think this has definitely saved me some money though!

Enough chit chat, let’s get started on this haul! Yes, it’s going to be quite a big one and I am super excited to share with you what I picked up.

First up is Wilkinsons, who are killing it recently with their stationery! I have to hold myself back whenever I go in there to browse, to stop myself from picking up everything. It’s all soo cute and amazing value, which is just perfect, especially if you are a student! I would recommend anyone who adores stationery to pop in Wilkos, I managed to pick up these very professional hardback notebooks.

I was very lucky to be able to pick up an A5 size, as well as an A6 sized notebook, the A6 one I felt was perfect to have in my handbag! I can use it for pretty much anything, like writing down notes while I’m out or even a shopping list. I love the style of these notebooks, they are perfect and with them being blue, it’s even more perfect for myself, with that being my favourite colour.


Another place I love venturing into is The Works, their stationery is amazing and very good value. I am always popping in there to see what treasures they have, I picked up these gorgeous A5 wired notebook that reads ‘Good Things Are Going To Happen’, which I felt was a perfect quote for my life currently. It’s very motivational and I just love the vibrant colours.

Following on from the A6 notebook I picked up from Wilkos, I found another mini notebook in The Works. This one is just a plain blue notebook, which I’m going to leave on my desk as a quick to reach notebook. I’ve nearly completed my other one so this is just perfect timing! Will of course match with all my blue desk products.

The last item I picked up was an A5 wallet, I felt this would be perfect for all my important receipts, in my old bedroom, I used to have a draw for them but since I moved, I’ve not had a home for them. This is going to be perfect and now I know exactly where they all are, I’m able to put quite a lot in here so I won’t have to clean it out for a while!

The Works.JPG

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I’ve been raving about the stationery collections from PoundWorld, now I was very excited for this as the collections were gorgeous! A few other bloggers were also speaking about them, when I went into my PoundWorld though, the collection was very poor! Nothing like the images they show on the outside, hopefully, that just means it was very popular!

I did manage to pick up a blue with gold shapes A4 file folder that I feel will be perfect to organise some of my blog paperwork! I’m not one for folders so this is why this one will be perfect, means I don’t have to worry about space with a thick folder. I was also able to pick up an A4 exercise book in the same blue, which I think is from the same collection, I’m not sure as it was a bit everywhere in store!

Of course, any blogger is addicted to marble and copper and rose gold, when I saw one of the collections was marble, I just had to pick up some of the items from the collection! I was only able to pick up an A4 exercise book though, which is disappointing because I fell in love with the rest of the collection! I suppose it just shows how popular it’s been, marble has become popular and not just with bloggers.

Pound World.JPG

Few.. I thought I would do a bargain stationery haul, as I feel these places don’t receive the credit they deserve when it comes to stationery! You should definitely check out these places as their ranges include EVERYTHING. Including pens, notebooks, folders, stationery sets, project books and pencil cases. You don’t have to go into places like Paperchase, WHSmith or Ryman, to pick up good stationery.

I hope you have liked this post! I know it was a little long but when I’m speaking about stationery, I just can not stop! It’s definitely one of my biggest loves, I’m sure there will be another post soon if you’ve liked this one. Let me know in the comments your favourite place to shop for stationery, I would love to know.


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14 thoughts on “Back to School // Stationery Haul

    1. I am exactly the same at the moment! But they are all soo pretty, I do have enough currently to keep me going for a little bit. Wilko has some gorgeous ranges at time, I feel like I need it all!


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