September Goals

You guys know I’ve been doing my Monthly Favourites for a little while now, I love doing these as they are a perfect reflection of the month but I felt something was missing! I thought I would start to do a Monthly Goals post, I think with everything going on at the moment, listing out my goals here would be perfect! Then at the end of the month, I will take the time to reflect on my goals, to see if I have completed them and what I need to do for the next month.

Let’s begin with my September Goals;

First up, I would love to find a full-time job! I love working in SportsDirect, the people are all amazing but I just can not see myself working there forever. I have been constantly applying for jobs but I just don’t seem to be getting that far with it, if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve had a few interviews but that’s the furthest I’ve got. Fingers crossed for September though!

By moving to Aylesbury, I am currently living under my Uncle’s roof until Yasmine and myself can save up enough money to get ourselves a mortgage! We don’t want to be renting somewhere, as we see no point, so hopefully, we can grab ourselves a good mortgage to buy our own house. How very exciting! This month I am hopeful of saving up at least £500, I know it might take a little while but on zero-hours, you don’t receive that much money a month.


Now I’m now no longer based in the South West, it’s going to make things a lot easier to meet up with some of my blogger friends. I can not wait for this as we’ve been chatting for so long now, I just know we’re going to get on so well when we meet face to face! Aylesbury is such the perfect location, as Birmingham is about an hour and a half away, with London only an hour.

I’ve already done a little bit towards this goal but I want to increase it just the slightest, as you may know, I am taking part in some Book Tours hosted by the amazing Neverland Blog Tours. Meaning I am reading one book at least a month, but I would like to increase this to at least three books, yes I am going to include comic books. I am behind on so many of my series I need to pick it up.

Well guys, I hope you have enjoyed this! I would love to know if you’ve got some goals for September as well. Let me know in the comments what you are setting out to do this month?


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16 thoughts on “September Goals

  1. Good luck with your job hunt! I’ve been trying to find something good for so long, but just haven’t had any luck yet. Fingers crossed for you! Keep us updated because I want to know how it goes!

    Julia xx


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