October Goals

Last month was the first month I introduced a post featuring my Goals for the upcoming month, I loved creating this post for you guys, I thought I would continue it! Not only will I set out goals for the new month, but also reflect on the previous month. If you didn’t read my September Goals, why not!? You can update yourself here, as I won’t be going into too much detail regarding last month’s Goals here. Definitely, go read them before reading my October Goals.

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you will know that I’ve finally been successful with a full-time job! I was soo over the moon and very proud of myself, all the hard work has finally paid off! I am an Account Executive for an Marketing Agency in Milton Keynes, working five days a week, massive change for me! Now I’ve got a full-time job, this will change a lot for the good, for both me and Yasmine. I am very excited to start but at the same time, I will definitely miss working in Sports Direct, my last shift will be this Sunday after over four years working for the company.

I need to remind myself, to remind Yasmine to put money away in our savings! With moving to Aylesbury, I’m a lot closer to some of my blogger friends, rather than being five, six hours away, I’m only an hour or so. With no spare money to my name though, I haven’t been able to plan anything! Hopefully, this month will be a lot better and I’ll be able to plan a couple of brunches with bloggers! My reading challenge hasn’t increased that much this month. I’ve only managed to read two books, rather than the three. I suppose one-off isn’t too bad.

On to October Goals! Graduate! So as some of you know, I finished University in May/June time but I haven’t actually graduated… Yupp, I know don’t ask, I don’t understand why it’s soo far away after finishing. I would love to know the answer, I am very excited to graduate and I can’t wait to visit Plymouth since moving back in July. I’ve got soo much planned as well as catching up with a lot of people! Including everyone at my previous store, some of my university friends and people in general.


I’m even hopeful of seeing some of my MG Rover friends, fingers crossed! I feel the reason I didn’t read 3 books during September was that I don’t actually have any of my books with me. As I moved in with my Uncle, I knew I wouldn’t have that much room, so all my unnecessary items have moved in with my parents. When I recently visited them, I picked up a load of my books that I’ve never actually read! Those are all going on my Goodreads shelf to be read hopefully this month.

Look out for those reviews on my Goodreads account, I definitely want to get back into reading. I used to enjoy it soo much during College and before University but with things becoming a lot more stressful there, I had to tone it down a lot, unfortunately. The next couple of goals are some milestones that I would like to achieve with my blog, the first one is to reach 7.5k views on WordPress. I reached 7k views at the end of September, so I am really hopeful of achieving 7.5k very soon.

I’ve got my fingers crossed and with it being my blog’s second birthday, this would be a great achievement. I can not believe the love from you all! I am soo glad to have you all, I love you all and I am soo grateful to you all. Another milestone I would love to reach in October would be 2.5k followers on Twitter. Twitter is my main social media platform and I do try my best to interact with you all, as well as replying to your comments, I hope I do a good job!

I hope you have enjoyed this post! I would love to know what your Goals are for October. Is there anything you are setting out to do this month?


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15 thoughts on “October Goals

  1. Huge congrats on your new job, m’lovely! I’m so delighted to hear that you got it! I hope you’ll enjoy working at the marketing company and that your blogging experience will help you out a lot! Graduating soon is exciting as well, you’ll have such a lovely day! Good luck with hitting your Twitter follower goal too, I’m sure you’ll smash it!

    Abbey 💓 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

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  2. Well done for getting a full-time job! It sounds amazing, good luck with everything. I’m still waiting for my job but I know it’s somewhere out there! Good luck with the rest of your goals.
    Julia xx

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