Blogger Book Nook #2 Spooktacular

I am really excited to share with you today’s post! Remember that little Blogger Book Nook I introduced you to earlier this month? Well, that was September’s Reading Challenge so you are lucky this month as there will be two posts as today I am introducing you to October’s Reading Challenge! I am really enjoying being a part of this community, everyone is really friendly and I’ve been getting along with them all very well. There is always fresh content on their Facebook page.

Be it content from other bloggers, questions of the day and just general chit chat! I am very excited by this month’s Reading Challenge as it fits in very nicely with what is happening at the end of the month! Yup, that’s right, I am speaking about Halloween, meaning a Spooktacular theme for October. Now I adore Halloween, don’t get me wrong, but I am not the biggest fan of scary movies. I think the scariest I’ve watched is stuff like The Walking Dead! I could never watch It, The Shining or even Saw.

Blogger Nook Book

Shall I say I enjoy semi-scary things! Haha, reading on the other hand I feel is something a little different. If you missed my Introduction to: Blogger Book Nook you can check that post out here, I don’t want to fill this post up with too much of that as it’s all there for you to enjoy! This post is about October’s Reading Challenge. For each Reading Challenge, Abbey and Tabitha come up with five questions for us to answer in relation to the prompt.

Q1) Has a book ever scared you silly? If so, which one was it and would you recommend it?
Hmm, I would have to say no… I would love some recommendations though! Let me know in the comments what book has scared you silly. I would love to know and maybe even add them to my wishlist.

Q2) Who is the most terrifying character you’ve ever come across?
The most terrifying character… Hmm this is quite a difficult one! As I said I’m not a massive fan of horror/scary things, so I haven’t come across many terrifying characters. How about Negan from The Walking Dead? Like he’s pretty scary with his baseball bat Lucille, like who names a bat!! Someone pretty crazy, I know I wouldn’t want to get on his wrong side with Lucille in his hands.

Q3) Zombies, ghosts, or vampires – which are your favourites to read about?
I go through different phases shall I say, when I was in school/college it was all about Vampires. I think this was because of the release of the Twilight Saga, from here I came across other Vampire filled books, including Vampire Diaries, Vampire Academy and True Blood. I can’t think of anything that included Ghosts as the main character? Recently I’ve started to fall in love with Zombies! I have become hooked on Zom-B by Darren Shan and I also love The Walking Dead! Can not wait for the next season to come out, counting down those days.

Q4) Do you find horror movies or books scarier? Why?
As I said earlier in this post, I definitely feel like I find horror movie scarier, especially recent ones! They’ve made them all look so much real now, with the way technology has come along. It doesn’t look like something your mum made for Halloween using your old clothes and anything else around the house. Whereas with books, you use your own imagination to piece together what the author has written about. I’ve yet to read a book that has scared me silly, I don’t think anything could jump out?

Q5) What scary books would you recommend to someone new to the genre?
See I’m not sure what to say here. I think it all depends on what you would like to read! Something like Twilight with the Vampires and Werewolves, or what about House of Night with the strange tattoos. You could even go completely back to the beginning and enjoy something like Dracula or even Frankenstein! I’ve never read these myself and they do sound really interesting.

Sorry if my answers aren’t the greatest, I’m really not a massive fan of the horror genre so I just don’t read/watch it! I think the scariest thing I’ve watched is The Walking DeadOctober’s Reading Challenge has definitely made me want to pick up a scary book to indulge in, that’s why for this month I have finally picked up Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris, the first book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries Series. Look out for my book review once I have finished!


Yes I’m not a massive fan of horror but I still absolutely LOVE Halloween, it’s a lovely holiday but I’ve never actually don’t much for it. I never even really went trick or treating a lot when I was a kid, my dad was always away and my mum had to look after my sisters. I think this year I am going to be doing a little bit of decorating, HomeSense has some amazing items at the moment that I am loving.

We will all be sharing our posts using the hashtag #BBookNook over on Twitter. I would love for you to go and share some love with everyone in the Blogger Book Nook, maybe you’ll even come across a new author/genre. How about joining the Facebook page yourself? You’ll be able to join in on the fun every month. Everyone is really friendly and we all get on so well!

I would love to know if you plan on celebrating Halloween by picking up a horror genre book. What are you planning on reading? Let me know in the comments!


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22 thoughts on “Blogger Book Nook #2 Spooktacular

  1. Thank you so much for getting involved in the Book Nook again this month, Gemma! I must admit that before Tabitha and I came with October’s reading prompt, I hadn’t read *that* many scary books either, but I did love the True Blood series when I was younger, so I am excited to hear what you think about it! It’s great to see you enjoying the Book Nook so much!

    Abbey 😻

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This book looks interesting and I love the cover! I love horror movies but I can’t say I’ve ever read a horror book as I don’t feel it’d build up the same suspense without the creepy music haha. Would love to see some homewear stuff if you decide to decorate for Halloween, much like you I never do much on Halloween I’m just a massive sucker for the decor! Looking forward to the book review 🙂
    Alice Xx

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  3. I’m part of this and love it! I’ve been terrible this month and haven’t even picked up a book! I am not so into scary books films! But I do love twilight! I loved your answers lovely xx


  4. There’s only one book that scares me to the point i threw it out…. I can’t remember the name but it was my mum’s so when she passed I decided to read it… it was filled with short horror stories but every one made me feel uneasy, talking about demons and stuff. I love to read about vampires, I’ve always wanted to be one lol

    Jordanne ||


  5. Okay I am so glad you mentioned House of Night in here because I actually ADORED that series! Well, until it got a little more weird than I could handle, and then I somehow managed to lose the series so I can’t even tell you how far I got in it.

    Loved reading this post! I think one book that scared me silly (and it sounds really stupid now but) was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. To set the scene – I was 7 years old. I’d been put to bed and told to read for half an hour. I was loving Harry Potter and just wanted to finish the book, so when my parents told me to stop reading I decided to hide under the covers to read. I reached the point where they find Barty Crouch dead in the forest and I was majorly freaking out. The worst part? I couldn’t even go down to my parents to calm me down because I knew I would get in trouble! Didn’t sleep that entire night haha


    1. I was exactly the same! I loved the series and then it turned… From there I just couldn’t get into it! I can’t believe a series would change like that though. Also I love that story! I suppose it always depends on the scenery and how old you are. I’m sure books are a lot scarier like that, especially if you start hearing weird noises.


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