MAD Beauty Christmas Haul

I know what you’re all thinking, Christmas! But it’s only October, well I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s seen all the Christmas cards, chocolate, presents already in the shops! I think we’re all starting to celebrate Christmas a little earlier, instead of it being after Halloween, everything starts appearing in September. As you can already tell by the heading, I’m going to be showing you some of the products you can get your hands on from MAD Beauty this Christmas.

I received a very good selection of just some of the products you can put on your Christmas wishlist, from Bon Bon Bath Fizzers from their Modern Christmas collection to a Hand Care Set in the scent Cranberry, three cute little Lip Balms and latest Rose Bath Petals from their Disney Beauty & the Beast Collection. When I opened the parcel, it felt a lot like Christmas! The packaging all screams Christmas, it felt like a little early for this parcel though.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always celebrated Christmas after my Birthday on 25 November. It just makes sense, to be honest. The Bath Petals were a little random to receive with the other products but at the same time, I was excited to have received them. Before I get into the Christmas Haul, I want to chat a little about MAD Beauty, they are the leader in design led cosmetics for both the gift and professional sectors. With them all working tirelessly to provide a wide range of novel, fun and interesting products.


Enough chit chat! Let’s get started with the little Christmas Haul, shall we?

Modern Christmas Hand Care Set – Cranberry £4.99

For the Hand Care Set, you receive a 30ml Hand Cream and a small Nail File, this set is perfect for your Christmas stocking and I would love to receive something like that! I adore Hand Creams, I think I’m pretty addicted to tell you the truth! In this range, you can grab three different fragrances, Cranberry, Sweet Marshmellow and Spiced Apple. I received Cranberry and it smells divine!

I am very picky when it comes to Hand Creams, as I hate ones that leave your hands feeling greasy. If you are on the go, this is just the worst! The smell is amazing, nothing too overpowering but at the same time, something that you can hardly smell! With it being Cranberry, it is definitely a massive Christmas scent, which I adore. You can’t have Christmas products that are summery scents, it just doesn’t work.


Lip Gloss Company Lip Balm – Snowman, Gingerbread Man & Robin £2.99-£7.99

For me, these Lip Balms seem to be a novelty item, there are six different Lip Balms you can purchase from the Lip Gloss Company, Snowman, Gingerbread Man, Robin, Santa Duck, Snowman Duck and Snowflake. These are really cute and another great addition to your stocking, I received Snowman, Gingerbread Man and Robin, I adore how they are shaped to their character rather than being a small tin. These Lip Balms range in price, from £2.99 for the Gingerbread Man to Snowman & Robin Duo at £7.50.

They each have their own fragrance, shall we say they are pretty much typical fragrances you would find for Lip Balms, including Vanilla and Strawberry. For me I definitely prefer Strawberry and that’s not because it’s the cute Robin. Of course, they are not the biggest Lip Balms, they are definitely more of a novelty item and something you would receive around the festival period.

Once you have finished using the Lip Balms, you could actually use the tubes as ornaments for the festive period. It’s a cute alternative and rather than just chucking the tub, you can actually reuse them, which is perfect! They are great quality as well so would make for some great ornaments. They feel amazing on my lips and even seem good enough to eat, those are the best type of Lip Balms!


Modern Christmas Bon Bon Bath Fizzer – Cranberry & Spiced Apple £3.50

Bath Fizzers have recently become one of my weaknesses, I adore lovely smelling ones that create a relaxing feel for your bath. Included in the Modern Christmas range is three different fragranced Bath Fizzers, Cranberry, Sweet Marshmellow and Spiced Apple. These fragrances seem the theme for the Modern Christmas range as these were the selection for the Hand Care Set. Overall I am very disappointed with both of these Bath Fizzers.

I adore mine to add some life to my bath, be it the smell, colour or even just to feel it, but there was absolutely nothing! Once you put them in the bath, they fizz and that’s it, I understand that is what they are called, Bath Fizzers but I felt they should add something more to the bath. Even the smell of them when you had them out of the packaging wasn’t that overpowering, I just couldn’t smell anything, I adore Spiced Apple so I was really looking forward to that smell.

The only positive thing I can say about these Bath Fizzers is the packaging like just look how pretty it is! I love the feature of the Christmas wrapping present, it does feel a lot like a present. I love how they’ve been wrapped up and it is a good feeling to unwrap them before you step into your bath for the evening. I’m very disappointed to say that I prefer the £1 Bath Bombs from Wilkinsons rather than these!


Beauty & The Beast Rose Petals – £4.99

The last product I received was some Rose Petals from their Beauty & The Beast Collection, as I said earlier in this post, yes it was a little odd to receive these with everything else being from their Christmas range. But I’ve actually fallen in love with them, they are soo basic but add such a great touch to your bath. What better way to come home from a long day of work to a bath filled with petals.

It makes it soo pretty and adds a great scent of Rose to the bath. There’s actually quite a lot within the pack, so you can either have a bath filled with them all or use a small handful for a couple of baths. I’m not sure what else to say about these as they are pretty self-explanatory really.

Overall I adore everything I received from MAD Beauty and I am overall very happy with their Christmas range and I definitely feel they have achieved their, shall we say mission statement. These items are very fun and I feel like I have to get my hands on their other products, not just in their Christmas range but also they’re other ranges! I think I might have to put a couple of things onto my Wishlist.


MAD Beauty is always releasing new collections, I have fallen in love with quite a lot recently. By following their social media platforms, this is the perfect way to keep up to date! So I would definitely recommend following MAD Beauty on Twitter and Instagram if you want to keep up to date with their products.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Have you tried any MAD Beauty products yourself? If you have, I would love to know what’s your favourite? Are you thinking of picking anything up this festive period?


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*This collection from MAD Beauty was kindly sent to me for free by Karen Berman, in return for an honest review as well as sharing/speaking about the product, for more information please see my About Page.


18 thoughts on “MAD Beauty Christmas Haul

  1. So many adorable goodies here, I’m jealous of your haul! I especially love the Beauty and the Beast themed rose petals, how beautiful are those?! I wouldn’t want to actually put them in my bath haha! The novelty lip balms are adorable too and would make a wonderful stocking filler, I’ll definitely be taking a look on MAD Beauty’s site in the run up to Christmas!

    Abbey 😘


    1. I’m glad you like it lovely! It was a very hard choice to use them, I didn’t want to use them in the bath I wanted to use them as pretty decoration! You definitely should, I’m sure you’ll find some lovely products to add to your Christmas wishlist


    1. Thank youu lovely! I’ve definitely become a massive fan after this, all the products I received were amazing. Apart from the bath fizzers of course I might have to invest in the other Beauty & the Beast products


  2. Wow Christmas already? There are some great products, you included in your post! But I’m not getting excited about Christmas just yet, I think shops really destroy the festive spirit by putting everything out earlier every year. I mean once people get excited about Christmas in October, they will be bored by it in December, at least that’s how it works for most people I know. Cool post!
    Julia xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I really need to try their stuff! Everything looks so cute, I love the lip balms and I neeeeed to try the bath Rose Petals :)x

    Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin


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