November Goals

Well here we go, it’s officially a new month which means I need to set out some goals for November. I have really enjoyed writing these posts as it pushes me to achieve each month, setting yourself goals is really good. This has helped me over the last couple of months and I really hope you are enjoying them. Before we get into my November Goals, I wanted to review my October Goals. It’s as good setting goals as reviewing them at each month.

After many months, I have finally graduated! I spoke about the day briefly in my October Favourites but I will be doing a full post soon. I have yet to read more than one book… Which is very disappointing as I thought I could do it this month! To hopefully achieve this, I will read a book rather than Twitter.

If I read for the same time I read Twitter, I would have finished a lot of books! This month I reach 8k views on WordPress which I am soo happy and proud about. Higher than I set out for in October.  I have yet to reach 2.5k followers on Twitter, I am currently 30 away so I am very hopeful that I’ll reach 2.5k followers soon!

I am thinking that I could push myself to reach 9k views this month on WordPress. If I do that, I could even reach 10k views by the end of the year, which would definitely be amazing! With Twitter I would love to reach 3k followers, as I said, I am really close to 2.5k so I do believe I could reach 3k. I want to schedule a good proportion of my posts for Blogmas, with my full-time job this would be really good!


I’ve got ideas for the 25 days, I just need to start planning them so I can write them up! Then have a couple of days of photo taking and editing, so that is all done in one day which makes things a lot more easier for me. I’m going to keep setting this goal, I would like to read two books this month. I am really close to achieving my Goodreads 2017 Challenge so I don’t want to not achieve this.

I am also hopeful of saving 1k, this money will go towards our mortgage/rent for our own home. The original plan was to save enough to move out after Christmas but I am not sure this is viable no more! But with me now having a full-time job, I really think we can save a good chunk, of course, Christmas is in between that so I need to save for presents for everyone.

Fingers crossed if myself and the partner saved £500 each month, we could perhaps start looking around Easter next year. I’ve been living in Aylesbury for just over three months now and I have yet to explore Milton Keynes probably, I would love to start doing that this month. I do know this could be a little tricky seeing as Christmas is only around the corner and it does get busier then!

There we go, there are my November Goals! Some really good goals there and I’m going to push myself to achieve them. Especially scheduling Blogmas posts as I know I might not be able to do them in my current schedule in December. I am still thinking whether I can blog every day in December or if I can just blog a couple more times a week that would be great!

I hope you have liked this post! I would love to know one thing you are going to set yourself to do this month. Let’s get chatting in the comments.


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9 thoughts on “November Goals

    1. Thank youu lovely! I’ve got my fingers crossed too, I really feel like I can do it. I’m sure you’ll be fine! Keep your head up and continue what you’re doing and you’ll be fine


  1. Having goals is super motivating, I always find that writing a list of what I want to achieve really helps me to get on track! You’re doing amazing with your blog views, I’m sure you’ll smash that 10k before long! Huge congrats on graduating as well! Like you, my goals for the month involve getting a saving plan put together so that I can start putting more pennies in the bank for a rainy day!

    Abbey 🎄


    1. Aww yaay, I’m soo glad to hear that! It’s definitely good isn’t it. Thank youu lovely, that’s soo sweet of you. I’m really hopeful! I have my fingers crossed. Definitely good to have a saving plan! I think I need to sort that out


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