Brighten your home up with 123 Flowers

Receiving flowers from your loved ones is always a nice gesture, it’s becoming more and more popular to gift flowers. There are so many different places you can pick up fresh flowers, but the quality of bouquet is always different. I normally always purchase my flowers from the supermarket as I can see the quality of them before buying and they always last a good time.

In the past, I have had bad experiences with online flower companies, I purchased from one company and the quality of the flowers were awful for the price. My mum couldn’t believe it! She said never to buy from them again, so now I am very careful with who I buy from. So when I was approached 123 Flowers to collaborate I was a little unsure but I am very glad I accepted!

123 Flowers.png

Who are 123 Flowers?

They are a website full of flowers for any occasion! From birthday, anniversary, get well or even a new baby, you are in the right place over at 123 Flowers. They take great pride with every bouquet they great and understand the sentiment attached to sending fresh flowers. Their flowers arrive fresh daily from their trusted farms, as well as their bouquet, being hand tied by their talented florists.

Their website is really friendly and easy to understand, it won’t take you much time at all to purchase your flowers. There’s such a wide range of colours and styles meaning it might take you a little while to find the correct bouquet! They even put the bouquets into categories of occasions, meaning you can look through these for inspiration.

There are three different sizes of bouquets to choose from small, medium and large. You can even choose a little extra with your flowers, with every order you do receive a free popvase to hold your bouquet. But you can also choose a vase, chocolates, teddy bear and other little things. For me, these little extras make the flowers that little bit extra special. I love that they’ve done this.


I ordered my flowers on Monday 2 October, I received the flowers three days later. The first thing I was impressed with was the packaging! It was in a big box that keeps the flowers from being squashed, inside, the bouquet was propped up with a cardboard base. It was like having a vase inside the box, I have never seen this before and thought it was a really good idea.

I received a large bouquet of Classic Pretty & Pink as well as a small glass vase to put them in. The bouquet looked soo fresh and I definitely feel they were only recently picked. Not many of the flowers were open, meaning I would have the luxury of seeing these open over the next couple of days. Prolonging the life of the bouquet.

The colours were soo vibrant and definitely match their name! I truly fell in love with them and added a bit of colour to my room. Over the next couple of day, the buds started to open showing their pretty petals. The bouquet lasted a good time! By mid-October, the petals started to change colour and then drop, which was definitely a sad moment.

I felt this was a good time as by this point, I had them for around a week and a half, I didn’t have to bin the flowers until the end of October. Meaning I had the flowers for just under four weeks which I feel is a good time for flowers! I know the ones I brought mum previously only lasted two weeks…


The standard bouquet for Classic Pretty & Pink is currently £19 down from £24 which is a great price for the quality of flowers! I’ve paid much more than this for flowers and the quality was shocking. It’s really easy to order them, step one, selecting a size, two adding a little extra, then choose a delivery date lastly you can even write a message card to go alongside the flowers. Meaning you can write a message of goodwill or love.

I am really surprised with 123 Flowers, they have definitely restored my faith in online florists. I feel like this is going to be a great website to send flowers to my loved ones, I am going to use them next year to wish my mum a Happy Mothers Day. Hopefully, she’ll love the quality of flowers like I do!

I hope you have liked this post! I would definitely recommend 123 Flowers if you are wanting to send your loved ones flowers.


*I was gifted a bouquet of Classic Pretty & Pink from 123 Flowers, in return for an honest review, for more information please see my About Page.



24 thoughts on “Brighten your home up with 123 Flowers

  1. I absolutely LOVE being sent or given fresh flowers, I think it’s such a cute and lovely gesture and the bouquet you’ve chosen is gorgeous! I also love the flowers that look like fire, the orangey red tones, they are my absolute favourite type! I will deffo be looking at this website for future occasions as I’ve experienced some pretty shoddy flower website services too!
    Alice Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The flowers look amazing and such lovely quality! It’s great that they come with a vade too as that is so handy x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

    Liked by 1 person

  3. These flowers are beautiful! I really like it. Flowers can make any room look so much better. And smell! It’s such a great idea to have your flowers delivered, I don’t live close to any florist so it really makes it so much easier.

    Julia xx

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  4. Wow; I’m seriously impressed with these flowers! I ordered a Christmas bouquet for my Mum at Christmas last year from Marks & Spencer because I trusted them and their quality but boy was I wrong! The flowers arrived all bashed up and falling apart, as the box had obviously not been handled with care! I was very disappointed as the flowers looked well past their best too! 123 Flowers is a fantastic alternative which I’ll definitely be checking out!

    Abbey 🎄


    1. Woow that’s crazy! Somewhere like Mark’s & Spencer I would have thought it would have been better quality. I’m sorry there was disappointment, that’s better crazy! Definitely think of 123 Flowers the next time.


  5. I’ve never been given flowers and I’ve honestly never really been bothered about them myself but they make such a lovely gift for other people! These are so pretty, some of the online flower arrangements look a bit rubbish for the amount of money but these are so affordable and lovely in comparison! x



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