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I thought I would do quite a fun post today and let you know some of my favourite bloggers! Since becoming a blogger myself, I have come across a lot of bloggers, Twitter is a massive help for this, I’m always finding a new blog. With so many blogs out there, you’ll be able to find something you’ll adore, we’ve all got different interests! Of course, there are a few reasons behind my love for these blogs.

Let’s get started, I’m going to share my five favourite blogs;

Always Believe in a Miracle – Samantha

Samantha is one of the most amazing girls I have ever met, she’s super inspirational and is on a mission to help and inspire people who are currently fighting cancer, as she has battled stage 2B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a type of blood cancer. Primarily she is raising awareness for blood cancer, as she feels it gets nowhere near as much awareness as it should.

Along with this, she is such a talented blogger and I adore reading her posts! Her photos are to die for and I would love to be able to have photos like her, she always knows how to use props to set the photos. I also adore her style of writing, most of the stuff she writes is very informational, I am definitely always learning something new when I read her posts.

Always Believe in a Miracle.jpg

Charlie’s Wonderland – Charlotte

Charlotte has a good variety of posts! One day it could be something beauty related, exciting hauls to creative informative posts. I seem to always learn something new from her blog, which is something I love after reading a blog. For me, they’ve done their job correctly. I have also loved seeing her progression with Charlie’s Wonderland, she’s come a long way and I’m very proud of her.

Charlie's Wonderland

Its All Zara – Zara

Zara has only been blogging since January, but I am so proud of how far she’s come! I came across Its All Zara only a short while after she started and I love the achievements and progress she has made. It can be quite hard to get a good following with your blog, but Zara has done very well with this! She has a great range of posts, including Beauty and Lifestyle, but what I like the most is Cooking with Zara.

I am a massive sucker for food and she does some amazing recipes, she cooks a lot of different things from Smoothies to Pizza and Lasagna. Like yumm, just thinking about these is making me hungry! What I also like is that most of these recipes are all home-made, which makes them even more amazing and I would love to try them myself.

Its All Zara

The Life of a Glasgow Girl – Jordanne

Even since I came across The Life of a Glasgow Girl, I have fallen in love, Jordanne is the girl behind the blog and she’s the sweetest girl I know! She has such a varied content, one minute you could be reading about a subscription box the next meeting new bloggers and then a beauty post. I love bloggers who have varied content, content that also matches their personality, nothing that Jordanne has written I don’t feel is not her.

Her photos are also to die for like I would love to be able to achieve the standard of her photos, she knows exactly what props to us to set the photo off nicely with the product. Maybe one day Gemma. I love how she has a weekly series called Meet the Beauties, this is the perfect way to get to know other bloggers! There’s so many of us out there and you might not have even come across them otherwise.

Life of a Glasgow Girl

Tea With B – Becca

Becca makes me jealous, not by the products she has but because she lives in America! I adore America and I would love to visit one day. She lives in New York City so she’s got a range of diners/restaurants she can visit as well as ice cream parlours! Whenever I read her posts I become very jealous and wish I could visit New York when I do though, I’ll know exactly where to go! It’s definitely fueling my need to visit America.

I also adore her writing style, it’s perfect and I get lost in all her posts. As I’m not a massive fan of make-up, I do like the mix between beauty and lifestyle posts, I also love all the food posts! Those ones definitely make me hungry, I wish we had places like that.

Tea with B

There are soo many bloggers out there, I would be here for days if I shared with you all my favourite blogs! So these are just some of the blog I enjoy reading, I thought I would also give a small shout out to a couple of other blogs I like;


Juniper Daze

Amba Champion

Jenny in Neverland

Alice’s Happy Wonderland

Few! I really hope you have enjoyed this post guys! I’m sorry if it was a bit long, I just got a little carried away, I adore all these bloggers so much and I am super proud of them all. The blogging community is not just a community, we are always a family. I am soo glad to call these guys my friend and one day I am hopeful that I’ll get the opportunity to meet them.


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33 thoughts on “Favourite Bloggers

  1. These are all reallly great blogs! I’ve seen most of them but I’ve not seen them all so I will have to check them out and follow them x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿www.kayleighzaraa.com


  2. I absolutely love posts like this! It’s so important to spread the love, in a place that can sometimes bring hate and drama it’s so nice that there’s still so many bloggers spreading love and appreciating each other. Some really amazing blogs mentioned here and also some I’ve not come across before so I’ll definitely be checking them out! x

    Alice http://www.accordingtoalicex.com


  3. Omg. GEMMA 😭 You’re gonna make me cry! This is the cutest thing. I can’t believe you’ve included me and wrote the sweetest thing. I really hope one day we’ll be able to meet as I would LOVE too. Thank you for always being there for me and being my blogging bestie 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank youu! I always love seeing love and positive things so I thought why not spread it here. Twitter is definitely a good platform for keeping up with your favourite blogs, you should definitely check out the other bloggers on here


  4. ooh I cant wait to read these! Ive only read one of them so it will be great to find some new blogs to read! Great post lovely xx


  5. I always like to find new bloggers to check out! Thank you for recommendations and I’m off to check them out!

    Julia xx


  6. I love finding new blogs to read so I definitely need to check all of these out! Little Things With Jassy is one of my favourite blogs at the moment :)x

    Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin


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