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Here we are again! Today I am going to introduce to you November’s Reading Challenge, this month the Blogger Book Nook has been talking about all things Young Adult. This is definitely my favourite reading prompt so far with the Blogger Book Nook, as even though I’m no longer ‘classed’ as a young adult, I still have a long list of books to read in this genre.

Alongside answering the five questions each month, we also chat with one another on the Facebook page. Here we discuss the prompt during the month, including what we’ve been reading and our favourite authors. I love when Abbey adds a Question of the Day to the group because it definitely gets me thinking! It’s also nice to see if we like similar things.

Blogger Nook Book

If you missed my Introduction to: Blogger Book Nook you should definitely check that post out here, before reading November’s Reading Challenge! I don’t want to fill this post up with too much of that as it’s all there for you to enjoy. For each Reading ChallengeAbbey and Tabitha come up with five questions for us to answer in relation to the prompt.

1. Young adult books sometimes have the reputation of being a bit cliché – what do you think about this? Does it spoil your enjoyment of a book if you can predict the ending?

This doesn’t bother me if I’m honest! I read books because I’m into them, surely you could say this about all genres? They pretty much all end the same, this is my thought for most things. Definitely does not spoil my enjoyment!

2. Lots of YA books such as The Fault in Our Stars, 13 Reasons Why, and Everything Everything have been made into movies/TV shows lately – have you seen them? What did you think?

See I didn’t realise The Fault in Our Stars and 13 Reasons Why were based on a book until I seen them advertising in WHSmith. I don’t like when they turn books into movies/TV shows, as they sometimes change the story or miss out interesting parts. I’ve stopped regarding the book if I’ve watched it as I get disappointed! This happened with Twilight.


3. Where does YA rank in your order of favourite book genres? Is it a genre you’d usually reach for?

Definitely up there as the top! I would chose Young Adult over anything any day, well of course if it’s actually anything interesting. There are still a lot of Young Adult books I need to read. There’s a lot on my bookshelf both on Goodreads and my actual bookshelf.

4. Who is your all-time favourite character from a YA novel? Why did you love them so much?

My favourite character, hmm how about Katniss Everdeen. I love how strong of a character she is, she definitely knows how to protect the people around her and stand up for what’s right.

5. Pick a favourite YA series: The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Lunar Chronicles, or The Mortal Instruments?

Hmm, a tricky one! They are all great series, I’ve never heard of The Lunar Chronicles though, I think it would have to be The Hunger Games. The characters are great, along with the story! The movies were okay, very action packed but the books were definitely better.

Of course, we couldn’t have November’s Reading Challenge without indulging in a Young Adult book! This month I’ve picked up Northern Lights by Philip Pullman. When I first watched The Golden Compass, I fell in love! So I’ve always wanted to read the book but never have until now. Let’s chat a little about Northern Lights.


I haven’t watched The Golden Compass in what seems forever, reading Northern Lights has reminded me how much I loved the film. Just like the movie, I have been sucked into Lyra’s world! I have become intrigued by this book so much, I love how it just sucks you in, I read it for hours. I haven’t managed to get very far but I’m definitely enjoying it.

I love how secretive it is as well, it makes you want to carry on reading, you don’t truly know what’s going on. As I’ve watched the movie, I know what’s going on but the way Philip has written it, it makes it very enjoyable and gets you thinking. There are questions running through my head like:

What’s the ‘dust’?

Who is taking the children?

How will Lyra get involved?

I love books that get you thinking, I’m looking forward to continuing with Lyra’s story and hopefully all my questions get answered soon! I’m sure there will be more soon though. Your questions never stop, even after you’ve finished the book.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments your favourite Young Adult book. I am always on the search for new recommendations. Just maybe I’ll add them to my Goodreads Bookshelf.


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26 thoughts on “Blogger Book Nook #3 Young Adult

  1. Not going to lie, I’m such a sucker for YA romcom books, they’re my favourite to read! My boyfriend picked me a surprise one in my stocking last year for Christmas and I got through it in a day I was so impressed with his findings haha. I’ve never watched The Golden Compass… or read Northern Lights oops but it sounds interesting, I really need to get back into reading, it’s the perfect season to aswell, I’ve been really slacking lately!
    Alice Xx


  2. Im a huge fan of young adult books, I feel like they are they types of book that take you away from life to another place that is both exciting and get you thinking. I really love John Greens books the fault in our stars was a favorite of mine. I also love the divergent trilogy and I’m with you on the hunger games. Harry Potter will always be up there for me as well xx


    1. They’re great, aren’t they! I love how much they get me thinking and it’s great just to go away for a couple of hours. John Green, I’ve never heard of him most look into his books! Also I’ve always wanted to read the Divergent series, I’ve wanted to get my hands on them for a while.


  3. I totally agree with you about making films/tv out of books, see I love the Hunger Games films but it wasn’t until I read the books did I realise how much stuff isn’t in the films and some big bits that I think should’ve been in the films. Love this post, I can’t wait to do my one now, I need to finished reading my book first 😀


    1. Aww see, I’ll admit, I haven’t actually finished my book for this month, I’m still reading it! Definitely find that, it’s awful but just imagine how long the movie would be if everything was in the movie from the book


  4. I’m so glad that you enjoyed this Book Nook theme, it has definitely turned out to be a popular one! Thanks ever so much for being involved, it always makes me smile to see people embracing the monthly theme and answering the questions so well! I read Phillip Pulman’s books years and years ago and I remember absolutely loving them, but it was such a long time ago that I can’t really remember the story that well – I definitely need to have a re-read of them at some point! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    Abbey ❄️


    1. Thank-youu! I would say it’s quite a big genre, surprising what is actually classed as YA. You are more than welcome! It reminds me soo much of the film, I am very excited to continue reading it!


  5. YA books are so good, I love them! I don’t necessarily mind if a book is turned into a movie though. Most movies I’ve watched that were based on books were done very well and I enjoyed them a lot. But I have a rule that if a movie is based on a book, then I have to read the book first then watch the movie. It’s been working so far!

    Julia xx


  6. My favourite kind of books are definitely mystery ones where you just can’t stop reading because you have to know what happens! There’s so many things I’ve watched and not even realised they’re based on books, so it makes me want to go and read the books as they’re generally usually a lot better. So much gets missed out! x



  7. I love YA too! I’ve actually been seeing Philip Pullmans books everywhere so maybe this is a sign that I need to pick up one of his books. This sounds like a good one though so I’ll definitely put it onto my TBR list! I agree with you when it comes to books being made into films/TV shows, I don’t think they’ll ever be as good as the book.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too! I think he’s come back again, I used to love his as a child with The Golden Compass, I haven’t really looked at his other books though. Yaay I’m glad about that, it’s definitely a good one to include.


  8. My absolutely favourite YA novel will always be ‘The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime’, I just adore it and I’ve even seen it in the theatre too which was fab.. 🙊 I didn’t realise that 13 Reasons Why was based on a book either, but I think it was more popular in the US before the series came out here! ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohh! I’ve never read that, would love to though, I’ve heard it’s really good in Theatre. Of course, that seems to be the way now a days, I’m not sure if I would want to read it though. I don’t want to be disappointed


  9. I love YA books – but do sometimes tend to avoid ones that are all about cringy love stories! I loved the hunger games books and the films, definitely going to dig out my copies and give them a read when I get the chance!x

    Chessie | 🌿

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I still can’t believe I’ve never read the hunger games all finished watching the films lol I guess being Harry Potter obsessed has blinded me! I will defo try to give it a read- love this post, great follow up to the previous blogger book nook post xx

    Liked by 1 person

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