November 2017 – Cake Day

This post is a little special, yesterday was my 22 Birthday! Meaning a lot of cake was consumed, today relates to my birthday as it’s Cake Day. Who knew there was such a thing!? This continues on from my monthly National Day post, I love doing these as I’ve found some interesting days throughout the year. There are many different ways you can celebrate Cake Day.

Including eating cake with family and friends or even making your own cakes to mark the occasion. For me, I wanted to share with you something I recently came across, Bake in a Box from Dr Oetker. There are three different flavours you can choose from: Banana and Choc Chip, Double Chocolate & Lemon and Poppy Seed. All three sound amazing and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.

What is Bake in a Box?

Well, it’s exactly what it says on the box, you are able to bake a cake in the box it comes in! Which for someone who doesn’t like washing up and doesn’t have that much time to bake, this sounds perfect. It’s a very simple solution to baking, I adore baking, especially cakes but I just don’t have the time. Which is definitely a shame. But with this invention from Dr Oetker, it’s definitely going to make things easier for me.

I was able to pick them up in Tesco on offer for £1.75, which is a very good price compared with the other cake mixes on the market that range anything from £2 up to £3! I am afraid though that they’re no longer on offer, they’ve gone back up to their full price of £2.50. Which I feel is still pretty reasonable for a 200g cake. At this price, I thought I would pick up two to try, I chose Banana and Choco Chip with Yasmine choosing Double Chocolate.


My thoughts

I didn’t think baking could be this easy! I have become addicted to these, they have definitely brought a love of baking to me. They are both soo easy to make and the results are brilliant. Because the mix is already measured out for you, you don’t have to worry about that, just making sure you add the correct amount of milk. This makes for a great last minute cake cooking, or if you’re like me, quick and easy.

While they were in the oven cooking, they smelt amazing, more so the Banana & Choc Chip! I could smell the banana throughout the whole house, it definitely made me hungry and I couldn’t wait to try it. When you follow the instructions, they are all really easy to make, I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to get out of the box as I always have problems with this part, but surprisingly it was very simple!

Which makes the whole process very good, it’s as simple as pulling back the corners and you’re done, miles easier than trying to get a cake out of a cake tin. The most important thing, how do they taste? Well, I can confirm on this occasion they turned out amazing! First, you had a nice crunch with the top layer, then when you bite down, you have the fluffiness of the cake.


Also, both of them got the approval of the partner! Which is perfect as I know what I can get in the future to give us both a cake on a Sunday afternoon, it’s always nice to do some baking to wind down for a little before the stressful week ahead of work. Also afterwards there’s hardly any washing up to do! Making them perfect if you have your normal Sunday dinner.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! I definitely enjoyed baking and eating both of these Bake in a Box, like how gorgeous do they look. Definitely worth the price, even better, they are suitable for Vegetarians.


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20 thoughts on “November 2017 – Cake Day

  1. Happy Birthday! 🙊 I bought and baked one of these a little while ago, and while it didn’t go fully to plan because of my boyfriend’s oven being a little temperamental, it was delicious all the same, and I definitely need to pick another one up soon.. 😍

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  2. Happy birthday hunni! Hope you had the most amazing day! These cakes look insanely good! I love how quick and easy they are they look really good quality too ❤ I bet banana choc chip would be right up my street! xx


  3. Hope you had a lovely birthday! These look so delicious and really easy to bake, I wish I had an oven in my flat this year – I’ve only got a microwave 😩x

    Francesca | 🌿


  4. They sound so good! I really need to remember to look for them next time I’m shopping, I keep forgetting to do so every single time. Your photos made me fancy some cake, now I have to make my own haha

    Julia xx

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  5. Happy belated Birthday lovely! These sound absolutely amazing, I really hope something like this comes out in wheat free form soon as well. I love all things chocolate so the Double Chocolate one sounds like heaven to me :)x

    Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin


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