Blogmas Day 3 // Dreaming of London Co.

With Christmas creeping closer, we are all starting to make our plans for this festive period, including present decisions, what kind of food we’re having for the big day and most importantly where Christmas will take place. There are always big questions and there seems to be a lot of preparation happening, certainly in my life. For me, one of the most important things about Christmas is getting together with your family with some fancy festive food.

With me moving to Aylesbury, I am a lot closer to my family instead of the five hours I was previously! Meaning I am more likely to spend the festive period with them. I want this Christmas to be special, as it’s my first Christmas away from Plymouth, I’m thinking of preparing a Christmas meal for the whole family. What’s the best way to invite them all round for some festive treats? With an invitation of course!

I know it sounds a little unusual to send out an invitation for a meal but I thought it would add something special to it. I recently came across Dreaming of London Co, an Etsy store full of digital invitations, I thought these were a perfect idea! Dreaming of London Co was created by Sophie Lilley, a little bit of everything blogger over at Sparkling Rose.

Dreaming of London Co.jpg

What I loved about Dreaming of London Co is the variety of invitations on offer, you can either personalise one of the ones on her store or Sophie can show you a range and you chose from there. She does all kinds of invitations from Save the Date, Baby Shower, Birthday and Engagement. I loved the reason behind her starting her little store, Sophie loves invitations, believes they’re exciting.

As well as something nice to keep as a memento! I know where she’s coming from her as I’ve got a couple of different boxes with various of mementoes from all my travels. Dreaming of London Co has only been open since July this year, this was also when she created her blog, Sparkling Rose. She’s definitely come a long way since then and it’s lovely to know such a creative person.

It was very easy to tell Sophie exactly what I wanted, she quickly came back to me with four different drafts of invitations. It was tricky to go ahead with just one of the designs as they were all very good! I loved little bits on each of them, I kinda wish I could have joined them all together but I would have been there forever trying to describe exactly what I wanted.

My favourite out of the four was this one below:


Like how beautiful is this! I am going to be soo proud sending this out to my relatives, I just can not wait. There’s not too much going on, it’s very simple and easily shows all the main points. The red nose of the reindeer makes him stand out so much and I love how it’s white on green. It makes it very easy to read but still adding a bit of colour, I much prefer a colour for a background and then white text.

If you are ever in need of an invitation, I’ll definitely recommend Sophie! She’s such a lovely person and she’ll be there every step of the way with your invitation. I would love for you to share the love to her, both on Twitter and Instagram.


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*Sophie designed and created my Christmas Meal invitation, in return for an honest review as well as sharing/speaking about her service, for more information please see my About Page.

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16 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 3 // Dreaming of London Co.

  1. I was looking for digital invitations for my birthday and these look great, I will keep this company in mind for future reference xx


  2. How adorable is this!! I absolutely love the design and the idea of it, I’m not much of a physical invite kind of person as I’m useless with addresses so this is perfect and I’ll definitely be checking this business out when I move out and have dinner parties etc! So simple but super cute and effective 🙂
    Alice Xx


  3. Such a cute idea, I love the little Reindeer! 🙊 If I was doing my own dinner this year, I would definitely use something like this to add a little personal touch to it.. 😍


  4. This is such a cute idea! I think the design looks really nice, you’ve definitely made a great choice there. I’ll be browsing through Sophie’s content as well!

    Julia xx


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