Blogmas Day 6 // Aylesbury at Christmas

If you were following An Ocean Glimmer for Blogmas last year, you’ll know I showed you around Plymouth at Christmas. This would be a little boring if I showed you this again as it’s pretty much the same every year. Luckily for you, I recently moved to Aylesbury, meaning I am experiencing a new place for Christmas.

I’ve been to Aylesbury before for Christmas but never really ventured very far. Unfortunately, Aylesbury isn’t that big compared with Plymouth so there’s not much to see within the town centre. Unlike Plymouth where they had the cute Christmas markets, with all kinds of sweets and trinkets.

The other thing I have noticed, there are not many activities for children to do over the festive period compared with Plymouth. They had the Snow Globe and a Nutcracker Trail, still, Aylesbury is very beautiful at this time of the year and it’s nice seeing some different decorations!

Let’s get started with the photo reel of Aylesbury:


I am really enjoying exploring Aylesbury this Christmas! How Christmassy is it starting to look!? I’m really becoming excited for Christmas, let me know your favourite thing your city/town does for Christmas!


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