Blogmas Day 7 // First Impression: LUSH Cosmetics

I hope you are having a cracking first week of December, can you already believe it’s the seventh! I know I certainly can’t, as each day goes past, I’m definitely getting more excited about Christmas. Today I thought I would share my first thoughts on LUSH with you, I know what you’re probably thinking, where have you been Gemma!?

When I went to Plymouth for my graduation all the way back in October, I took a trip into LUSH to get my hands on some of their bath bombs. As I have never previously had a bathtub until now, bath bombs were pretty useless, but after trying the ones from Wilkinsons, I became pretty addicted!

Meaning I just had to pick some up, I am not new to venturing into LUSH, as I always would go in there with Corinne but never actually bought anything. I was like a kid in a sweet shop trying to decide which bath bombs I wanted to pick up and with Yasmine there, it made it even harder.

Do we go for a small collection of bath bombs? Do we pick up a cute gift set? There’s just so much to chose from.

In the end, though, we came out with the Pumpkin bath bomb and Cosmic Gift Set.


Included in the Cosmic Gift Set were three different bath bombs, Intergalactic, Twilight and Lava Lamp. They were all amazing but my favourite would have to be Intergalactic, the colours were beautiful when the bath bomb opened up in the water. There’s definitely more pop to these bath bombs compared to the likes of the Wilkinsons ones, which for the price, I’m not that surprised about.

Unfortunately, as you can see in the photo above, Twilight (the pink one) was a little broken so it didn’t fizz as much as the other two did. I’m not sure if this made any difference! I’ve never had them before but it was definitely less than Intergalactic and Lava Lamp. Still, it left a gorgeous smelling bathtub and made the water a lovely pink colour.


As we popped in just before Halloween, we were able to pick up their Pumpkin bath bomb. I’ve heard some great things about their Halloween range, so I just had to pick it up! Yasmine also approved which was great, meaning for my first LUSH experience I could try their Halloween range. He turned the water this amazing orange colour and oh my, it smelt amazing! Is it weird to say that it made me feel soo relaxed?

Despite all four of these bath bombs being amazing and made my first LUSH experience a good one, I would probably say they are a little overpriced! Seeing as you can only use them once in the bath, then they’re gone forever. Like yes, they make a great experience and leave you feeling very relaxed but I just feel they’re a bit too overpriced. I would have to limit myself each month as I could see it being very expensive.

Of course, you definitely get your money’s worth, which is great as they leave the bathroom smelling amazing. With Christmas just around the corner, these will definitely make a lovely Christmas present, especially if they love relaxing in the bathtub, who doesn’t eh! I would most definitely love to receive something like this for Christmas, there’s soo many different ones to chose from as well!

I hope you have enjoyed this post! I’m definitely planning on getting more LUSH products soon, I would love to know your favourite! Please let me know in the comments.


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