Blogmas Day 8 // Self Love Tag

Christmas is that time of year where we think about our friends and family around us, gifting them the best possible presents as well as eating a lot of food. The main thing to not forget about though is yourself! Sometimes we just have to stop and think about ourselves and our health. You’ll all know how much I love tags!

So when I came across The Self Love Tag, I fell in love and just knew I had to feature it. This tag was created by Lucy from Just Lucy’s Life after wanting to spread a bit more positivity around the internet. Which I feel is a great thing! There definitely needs to be more of this. Lucy created the tag to bring a bit of happiness and self-love to whoever takes it on.

Let’s get started with The Self Love Tag shall we:

Self Love Tag

1.Answer all the questions honestly.
2.Tag 5 people who you want to bring a bit of happiness to.


1.What is something that is getting you down at the moment? Struggling to save enough money on a mortgage for our first house.

2.What is something that makes you happy? Finally having a full-time job in something I’m passionate about.

3.Name 3 guilty pleasures! Chocolate, Motorsports & Gaming

4.What is something about yourself you want to improve on? My confidence.

5.When was the last time you belly laughed? When Yasmine tickled me crazy the other day.

6.What is your biggest insecurity/fear? Failing at what I love the most

7.Name a song that always cheers you up when you’re down. 

8.Name 3 things you like about yourself! My knowledge, my hair and my laugh.

9.What is an achievement that has made you proud of yourself this year? Graduating university with a 2.1

10.Tell us your happiest memory. When Yasmine asked me to marry her at Pride of Longbridge.

I’m now going to tag: Lily, Alice, Katie, Jenny and Andi.

I hope you have enjoyed this little tag. I know I definitely have and it did get me thinking. I hope you are all having a great December. If you do this tag yourself, please share below!


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