Blogmas Day 14 // Christmas Decorating

I love decorating for Christmas! It makes your home feel very festive and it definitely gets you into the spirit. I finally decorated, even though I said I would last week, it was definitely worth it as I felt really good afterwards. With moving in with my Uncle in Aylesbury, this meant I was able to decorate the Christmas Tree downstairs, normally Mum always did this.

If you were following An Ocean Glimmer last year, you’ll know I decorated my room, if you want to see how I decorated last year, check out my post here. Unfortunately, I won’t be using my decorations this year as they seem to have disappeared after moving! I knew I should have taken them with me, rather than leaving them at my parents. I am a little disappointed as I loved my decorations, especially my chalkboard countdown.

I am really excited to show you how I’ve decorated for Christmas 2017! It’s really special this year as it’s mine and Yasmine’s first Christmas in Aylesbury, I’m already excited about all the Christmas lights, now just to get my home decorated. Shall we get started?

As I am writing this, it is officially snowing! We’ve had a lot of fun and it’s definitely made it feel a little bit more like Christmas. Feels like forever ago since I saw proper snow, we never really have it in Plymouth, it just never settles, but the chances are higher in Aylesbury. It’s nice to have snow for our first Christmas here! I just had to take some photos, just look how pretty it is!


Right, enough snow talk! Let’s talk decorations, first up our Christmas Wreath. It looks so pretty, this is my Uncle’s so it’s not exactly my taste but sums up Christmas perfectly. The red makes it pop, doesn’t it! Wreaths like this are the best, it’s just so full and is really welcoming. I can not wait to have our own place to have a Wreath that matches the rest of the decorations.


I adore bunting and Christmas lights, so it’s fitting to have a ‘Merry Christmas’ bunting in the living room. It’s a perfect size and fills the wall nicely, I love the ‘homemade’ look but it’s actually not! Fingers crossed I’ll be able to get a bunting like this after Christmas quite cheaply, I did originally want one for my room but I don’t have a location for it. The one downstairs will be fine.


Onto the main attraction now, the Christmas Tree! Luckily for me, I’ve been able to decorate the downstairs Tree. Normally this is a job for Mum but as I no longer live with my parents, I was able to do it. I wasn’t too sure about the colour scheme at first but it’s really grown on me! I know this won’t be forever and I can not wait to start picking up things for my own Tree.

I really want to go for a blue and silver theme which I’m definitely planning for Christmas 2018. Maybe I could even grab some cheap decorations after Christmas! I’m not one for big Christmas decorations but having a couple really makes the tree. We’ve gone for some red and silver baubles, then some fancy decorations like a reindeer and nutcracker.


This year I decided against decorating my room, this year it’s just downstairs but of course, this will change next year! Which is very exciting, I have got some fancy bedding which features an adorable reindeer. It’s brushed cotton as well, which means it feels amazing when you get under the duvet. I have also picked up small adorable Christmas pyjama bottoms.


I am definitely heading to the shops after Christmas and checking out what decorations they’ve got! Hopefully, I’ll get some good bargains, see how much I can buy for the new house at cheaper prices. I think this is everything I have that is Christmassy, next year I definitely feel I’ll go all out! I know Yasmine has spoken about getting a real tree, but I’m not sure about that one as I’ve never had a real one.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments your favourite Christmas decoration you have. Is there one thing you could not have during the festive period to decorate your house?


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16 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 14 // Christmas Decorating

  1. I love how colourful your tree is it’s so cute! The snow didn’t settle in Bristol where I live so it didn’t look half as lovely as your photos, it disappeared within half an hour 😦 we have this 3D light up Santa that we get out every year and he’s honestly the size of a 5 year old child haha he’s actually pretty creepy but my mum loves him!
    Alice Xx


    1. I’m still not sure if I like it or not! Not 100% my taste but thats not officially mine. It was snowing from five am til about eleven, it was crazy! I remember that oh so well never settled in Plymouth. That’s pretty cool! But scary at the same time. I’m not too keen on 3D light up things, especially if they’re big


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