Blogmas Day 15 // Winter Candle Haul

Candles are such a must for Autumn/Winter, there’s nothing better than a candle illuminating the room. I love them to be in a position where you can see the light flickering, it brings some warmth to the room, even when it’s freezing outside. Last year for Blogmas, I shared my favourite Scentsy Wax Melts, this year I wanted to share my candle collection.

I am a massive fan of candles, they’re one of my favourite things, at the moment I have got just a small collection of candles…

I brought Yasmine a Yankee Candle Advent Candle to fuel both of our candle addictions. Inside this Advent Candle, there’s a small collection of Christmas related candles, including Snow in Love, Red Apple Wreath, Christmas Cookie, Cinnamon Stick, Spiced Orange, Christmas Garland and Christmas Eve. I love the variety of scents here but still all Christmas related.


These are all cute little tea lights and it’s great that you’ll be receiving 24 of these in the different scents. What I am a little upset about, is that there’s nothing on the tea lights to say which one is which. Some of them you can guess their scent but it would still be nice to have the name of the scent on the bottom of the tea light. My favourite that we’ve received so far would be Snow in Love.

It’s such a fresh smell, it kind of reminds me of getting into bed with new duvets because of the fabric softener smell. But also seems light and fluffy like a cloud, I also love Christmas Garland, the aroma of fresh-cut pine boughs and zesty cranberries. Beautiful right! It’s definitely getting me in the mood for Christmas, these will be a bit pointless after Christmas, so I need to start lighting them!


We always seem to find candles where ever we go, when we were last in Card Factory picking up our Christmas cards, Yasmine found their collection of candles. This is where she picked up Sherbet Lime, now I’m not a massive fan of Sherbet or Lime but when I smelt it, oh my, smelt amazing! Definitely an interesting smell, as well as being something different.

When we took our first trip to IKEA, we just had to pick up some of their candles! Especially when they smelt amazing and only £1.75! Couldn’t argue with that, we picked up Red Berries, Apple & Pear and Orange & Peach. By far my favourite is Red Berries, to me, it’s a scent that could be lit all year round, it does add a slight festive touch. I am normally not a fan of Orange but with the Peach, it tones down the Orange.


Few! That’s just a couple of candles, it’s good to have a variety, as you can change up the candles depending on your mood. I’m really glad I’ve got all these candles and I can not wait to light all the candles. Especially the Christmas ones, they do make me very excited because Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! Unfortunately, I have yet to light any of these!

So I’m not entirely sure what they ACTUALLY smell like, fingers crossed they smell as good as when they’re not lit. I am quite hopeful I’ll be able to light them all soon and update you on their scent, that would definitely be a post for the New Year. I am definitely excited to smell all the other scents from Yankee Candles, especially Cinnamon Stick.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! I would love to know what Christmas scent you are enjoying this Winter. Let me know in the comments!


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6 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 15 // Winter Candle Haul

  1. Love love love candles! Yankee candles are by far my favourite and I’m gutted I didn’t know you could get it as a calendar. This is something my mum would love too, but also I agree it would be nice to know each scent. I hope you’ll do another post once you’ve opened all of your candle doors 🙂


    1. I’m glad you like this! I’ll definitely make sure I do an update, hopefully then I woulda actually burnt them all but let’s see! It’s the first time I’ve seen it too, I wouldn’t of known if Clinton’s didn’t do a weekly deal for it

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow yees I was! Like some of them I could guess but most I had to go online!! That’s my only bad feedback on them, they should definitely have the names on them. Ooh I’ll definitely check that out! Thank youu lovely


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