Blogmas Day 16 // 6 Ways to Have a Productive Day

I don’t know about you but I’m definitely feeling less productive during the Winter, it’s cold, dark and horrible. You have that feeling of, it’s so warm under this duvet, I want to stay here. I am definitely starting to feel it but I’ve still got so much to do! My workload has been increasing every day and I need to have productive days to actually complete the work.

Today I thought I would share a couple of ways to stay productive this Winter. Now some of these I take on board myself, others not so much.

For me, I feel having a good morning and evening routine helps a lot! You wake up, get dressed and washed, complete some chores around the house, if you do this every morning you’ll get into the rhythm of it. I find that this helps me a lot, gets you into a good mindset before you have to do your planned work for that day.

Once your morning routine is complete, where do you now start? You have ten different tasks that need to be done, the best thing is to work out the importance of each task and write a list. Here you’ll be able to easily understand what needs to be done. I do this every day and it helps me soo much! While writing each task down, you could prioritise them by the order in which you write them down.


Don’t feel bad for taking breaks, if you’re like me and can not do one thing for so long, just take a short break to get you back in the mood. Go for a walk around the block, watch a YouTube video, something that lets your mind wander for a little while. Make sure it’s not for too long though! Because you’ll never return to your tasks.

Understand which tasks don’t need your full attention, whenever I’m writing blog posts, I can not watch Netflix or a movie. I either get too distracted or don’t watch it, meaning I’ve just wasted a whole series that I now know nothing about. However, I find when I’m washing up I’m able to watch something, baths are the perfect opportunity to read a book or catch up on your favourite blogs!

Distractions are the worst… You’re reading Twitter and before you realise an hour has past and you’ve achieved nothing! Been there, done that, you definitely need to limit your distractions. Your mobile phone can be one of your biggest distractions, turn your phone to silent and leave it in a different room. Work yourself towards a goal, complete so much work, then reward yourself with some free-time.

The best feeling is being able to cross things off your list, you should view this as a small celebration, as you’ve achieved something that needed to be done. Celebrate these as it will make you feel better about yourself and know you are on track, you are completing things. This is especially helpful if you have a long list, you feel much more productive before you realise it, your list is complete.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! I know it’s easy saying these things and not actually putting them into practice. These truly work for me and fingers crossed they do for you. Let me know in the comments if you have any other tips for staying productive!


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