Blogmas Day 19 // Christmas Pet Peeves

Christmas, there are things to love and there are things to hate! Just like any holiday during the year. This time of year is definitely not all about unwrapping presents and eating all the food in the world, there are family dramas, presents not turning up and the mad rush at the supermarket, to name but a few things.

Today I thought I would express a few of my pet peeves when it comes to Christmas.

Anything Christmas before 1 December
I do love Christmas, I really do, but it doesn’t need to start in September! It spoils the magic of Christmas, I don’t know about you but I start getting annoyed by Christmas and wish it was over. Yes, it’s good to get your presents early, that’s preparation but Christmas decorations, music and films should not appear until the beginning of December.

Wrapping presents

There’s just so many to wrap! I don’t mind wrapping presents but wrapping more than ten starts to become a chore. I definitely push mine until the very last minute, because it’s something I hate doing! Also, you always seem to pick up very awkward shaped presents, which take ten times longer to wrap.

The perfect Christmas Tree

The Tree has to be perfect! The lights in the correct place, decorations just right, it’s a nightmare trying to decorate your tree. I can never get it right and it can sometimes take me forever just to get it right. It’s very annoying trying to get it right.

Christmas shopping

People change at Christmas, they become a little crazy and start shopping in a different way. It’s like the world is about to end! It’s crazy how quickly it starts getting busy in town and at the supermarket. I definitely don’t like the long queues and just want to be in and out in a flash.

Detangling lights

Christmas lights are like earphones, no matter how you pack them away you always pull them out tangled. Trying to detangle lights are just the worst! You spend forever trying to detangle them, then you find out that one or two of the bulbs don’t work… Lights are more harm than good at times! All that work is definitely worth it when you see them all lit up

Packing up the Christmas decorations

The most disappointing thing about Christmas is definitely putting it all away! Sometimes I don’t want to put them away because it looks all magical, but it would be bad to have Christmas decorations up all year round. It’s just the hassle of putting them away, making sure everything has a home and remembering said place for next year.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! What’s your pet peeve when it comes to this time of year? Is there something that you really dislike? Let me know in the comments.


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