Blogmas Christmas Day // Merry Christmas!

Can you believe what day it is today, that’s right, it’s Christmas Day! I hope you have all had a lovely day, opened all your presents and stuffed your face with amazing Christmas food. Don’t worry, I’m not writing this post on Christmas Day! It’s pre-written and scheduled because I need to spend the day with my family. I thought I would write this post as a reflection of December and Blogmas.

I’m actually really proud of myself for completing Blogmas! It wasn’t easy, having a full-time job and trying to have fun and relaxed weekends did make it hard. I have put in a lot of work and I am really proud of what I’ve achieved. I would like to just say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me by reading my blog throughout December. I hope to continue creating great content for you all!

I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have writing the content for you. As it’s Christmas Day, has anyone got anything exciting planned? Personally, it’s just opening presents and eating a lot of good food! As well as spending time with my parents and sisters. Also seeing my little puppy dog who I haven’t seen in a little while now that I don’t live with my parents.

I have come to a conclusion that I’m now going to have a mini blogging break! I’ve been very busy with Blogmas and I haven’t actually had any time to myself to enjoy, it’s been writing content and taking photos. I feel this is much needed especially as I’ll be visiting Plymouth for a couple of days to spend some quality time with friends and my second family. With not having to worry about blogging, I’ll be able to enjoy myself.

I hope you have enjoyed my Blogmas posts! I would love to know in the comments what you’ve loved about Christmas this year. Has anything special happened to you this month?


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2 thoughts on “Blogmas Christmas Day // Merry Christmas!

  1. You guys that tackled Blogmas definitely deserve a break! I wang to give it a try next year for sure, I was so busy since starting the blog I had no idea about it. I loved all of the kindness, joy, and giving this year. It’s been lovely this month. Merry Christmas!

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