2018 Personal Goals

It’s nearly the end of January, our first month of 2018 is nearly complete! It’s been a crazy month, as well as very busy, not only in my personal life but also at work, January is a horrible month having to pick up things after being off for Christmas. This is the first year I’ve experienced something like this as I’ve always worked in retail and a Christmas break doesn’t exist!

One thing I love doing at this time of year is plan out what I want to achieve, you could even call it complete. I know I do my Monthly Goals but those are more specific for each month, whereas these Goals I don’t actually know when I’ll complete them. I’ve never been one for setting New Year Resolutions, I feel Goals are much better, for me, they give more motivation to achieve them.

I was going to do one post with personal and blogging goals, but by the time I listed out everything, I felt there was too much for one post! So I’m treating you to two 2018 Goals posts, this one will be all my Personal Goals, then hopefully next month I’ll share with you my 2018 Blogging Goals. If you’re interested in that one, definitely follow me on Twitter or even on WordPress, you’ll be the first to see the post.

Save for a mortgage – This goal has carried over from 2017 to this year, as we’ve yet to achieve it! I struggled a lot to save money as I only got my full-time job in October before I was part-time just scraping by. With both me and Yasmine on full-time contracts, I really believe this is the year! We’ve already managed to save around 2k.

Read 15 books – I managed to complete my Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge of 8 books, so for 2018 I’m going to push myself and read a total of 15 books. Meaning I need to do more than one a month! To see if I’m on track for my Reading Challenge, go follow me on Goodreads, I’ll be updating my profile every time I complete a book.


Improve my confidence – I am a very shy person, I am not ashamed to admit that I don’t like presenting in front of people and I always take one step back. Even if I want to do it, there’s a part of me that stays I shouldn’t and couldn’t do it. For my job I need to improve my confidence, this will help me massively to progress further.

Move into our own house – Hopefully, if we achieve the first goal on this list, we will be able to move into our own house! I’m really excited for this, to have something to call our own. Also, I can not wait to start decorating the house to make it mine and feel like our own home. I know it’s not going to be easy but I’m willing to achieve.

Visit Plymouth – I miss Plymouth, a lot. I didn’t realise this until going back home to see in the New Year with my friends and Yasmine. I feel if I can regularly visit Plymouth, I won’t miss it as much, I’ll be able to visit places I love as well as meeting up with my friends. I suppose this is a feeling we all have when we move away from our hometown.

Keep to a strict budget – I feel keeping to a strict budget will definitely help me and Yasmine to save more. This just means only buying things that we need like toiletries, food and spending money on bills, rather than things we want. I went a little over budget during December but that’s definitely going to change, we need to save as much as possible!

There we go guys, six goals I would love to achieve/complete in 2018! I have everything crossed that I can achieve these, it would mean the world if I could move out this year as it would be a big move for our relationship. But also to become responsible and be more of an adult, it will definitely be a big step, I’m not going to lie. This is going to be my motivation and hopefully, I can make 2018 the best.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! What’s one of your goals for 2018? I would love to know in the comments.


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9 thoughts on “2018 Personal Goals

  1. I hope you achieve all of your goals lovely! Reading more is one of my goals as well and I’d actually like to read 30 books. I’m currently reading my second one so I’m definitely behind but it has 800 pages so it’s not really a surprise that I haven’t finished it yet. The next few books I’m planning on reading are a lot shorter so I think I’ll be able to catch up 🙂 x

    Anu | Based On blog


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