Book Review // The Eden Paradox

I am on a roll at the moment! A total eleven posts were published throughout January and I really hope you’ve enjoyed them all. Now it’s February, I have my fingers crossed that I can continue this into this month for you all. My first post of February is also my first book review of the new month, I am going to be sharing my thoughts with you on The Eden Paradox from Barry Kirwan.

If you’ve been following An Ocean Glimmer for a little while, I’m sure you’ll recognise Barry Kirwan, as I’ve reviewed his Nadia Laksheva Spy Thriller Series, both 37 Hours and 88° North. during Book Blog Tours hosted by Jenny Marston over at Neverland Blog Tours. Through these, I have found a new love for spy thrillers as well as falling in love with Barry Kirwan.

When Jenny approached saying she had a Book Blog Tour for The Eden Paradox, I jumped at the chance! Barry Kirwan has a range of books out and I would love to read them all, he’s quickly becoming one of my favourite authors. I am the fifth stop on The Eden Paradox Blog Tour hosted by Jenny, I am also sharing today with The Northern Girl and Books, Dreams & Life so please check out their blogs to hear their thoughts.


The Eden Paradox? Let me tell you a little bit about it;

A murder… a new planet mankind desperately needs… a thousand-year-old conspiracy… What really awaits us on Eden? In a world beset by political turmoil, environmental collapse, and a predatory new religion, a recently discovered planet, Eden, is our last hope. But two missions have failed to return.

Blake Alexander and his crew lead the final attempt to bring back good news. Meanwhile back on Earth, Micah Sanderson evades assassins and tries to work out who he can trust as he struggles in a race against time to unravel the Eden Paradox.

The Eden Paradox is definitely something a little different to what I’m used to, I haven’t managed to finish the book just yet, but from what I’ve read I’m definitely going to continue. Just like his Nadia Laksheva Spy Thriller Series, Barry has made me fall in love all over again with his writing. The start is brilliant as Barry has chucked you straight into the action already!

You know so little about the dystopian world but with so many questions, you continue to read. This is probably why I found it a little confusing for but I was able to push past this and become fully engrossed in the book! There are a lot of questions starting to fly around in my head and these are making me continue the book because I want answers for them!

This book is set in a completely different world, Earth is falling and there is political turmoil, environmental issues and dangerous new factions forming. A newly discovered planet is offering them a chance of salvation. But, it doesn’t come without its problems, Blake has been tasked with taking a crew to the planet but there’s plenty of obstacles in their way.

Unfortunately, the confusion doesn’t end with the first chapter, with the novel having several different strands, it can get a little confusing. But with Barry being such a talented writer, it seems to work really well! With his talent, Barry has been able to cast a wide range of characters, they seem to be different from one another and very detailed.

I can’t wait to continue reading to see what happens to these characters and where the story goes.

Barry Kirwan

How about a little about the author, Barry Kirwan;

Barry (J.F.) Kirwan is a split personality. He writes science fiction under the name Barry Kirwan, and thrillers under his pen name J. F. Kirwan. In his day job, he travels worldwide, working on aviation safety. He lives in Paris, where he first joined a fiction class – and became hooked! This led to an acclaimed four-book series called The Eden Paradox.

But when a back injury stopped him scuba diving for two years, he wrote a thriller about a young Russian woman, Nadia, where a lot of the action occurred in dangerously deep waters. Two of these thrillers are now out and he’s working on the third, as well as a new science fiction novel called When the Children Come.

You can follow Barry Kirwan on Twitter, Facebook as well as his official website.

There are a lot of bloggers on The Eden Paradox Blog Tour so I would love for you to check out their reviews! You can do this by following Neverland Blog Tours on Twitter, as Jenny will be retweeting all the posts. As well as giving some love to Barry Kirwan and if you can not wait any longer to read it for yourself, you can buy The Eden Paradox to read in Ebook (Kindle Format) and Paperback from Amazon. You can also find it on Goodreads now!

Something extra special about this Blog Tour is that there is a The Eden Paradox Giveaway! If you would love to win a £20 or $25 Amazon Giftcard then definitely head over here and enter. What are you waiting for!? Get entering! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you all.

I hope you have enjoyed this little review! I highly recommend The Eden Paradox to all those who love a good thriller/science fiction.


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*Thank you Jenny Marston for hosting The Eden Paradox Blog Tour. The Ebook was kindly sent to me for free, in return for an honest review. The feature image and those included in the post were sent to me in the Media Pack, for more information please see my About Page.



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