Monthly Goals // February 2018

Today is the day to be looking back at the Goals I set for January, as well as setting myself some new ones for the upcoming month of February. I hope you are all well and have had a good start to the year, I hope it’s not been stressful and the New Year has rewarded you. It feels like yesterday that I was setting Goals for January, so I can’t believe it’s already February.

This month should be a good one for not only myself but Yasmine, I briefly spoke about this in my January Favourites this week, I don’t want to be repeating myself so please head here to see what I loved in January and what is in store in February for myself. I love reflecting on my goals, it seems to give me the motivation I require, as well as figuring out what I need to do each month.

Before I set myself some new Goals for February, let’s reflect on my January Goals!

10k Blog Views – Achieved! When I woke up and saw I was only 8 views away, I knew that was the day. I managed to reach 10k Blog Views on Saturday 20 January, not too bad if I say so myself. I am so thankful to everyone who reads my blog, I love you all and the love is much appreciated!

3k Twitter Followers – I am soo close! Unfortunately, I finished January with 2,893 followers, I’ve really pushed myself this month but it just wasn’t enough. My fingers are crossed that I can achieve this in February, it was an increase of nearly 300 followers in January and now it’s less than 200.

500 Instagram Followers – Achieved! I’ve finally reached 500 Followers on Instagram! I’m sure we are all struggling on Instagram to gain more followers at the moment. It just seems to take forever! Even if you are doing everything correctly. I am soo happy about achieving this Goal as it’s a long time coming.

Save 1k – Achieved! I’m really proud of myself for continuing to do well saving for our mortgage, we are still nowhere there yet but we are definitely on track. I do have my fingers crossed that myself and the partner can be in our own place by Christmas, will this happen? I really hope so.

Read 3 Books – Achieved! This month was quite busy for reading books, I’ve been on a total of four different Book Blog Tours throughout January, I read Snow Like Ashes for January’s Reading Challenge, I read Ordnance by Andrew Vaillencourt, I shared the blurb for Joshua N’Gon: Last Prince of Alkebulahn by Anthony Hewitt and I read Skeletal by Emma Pullar.

January has definitely been a cracking month for reading and I hope to continue this into February.

Be Consistent – Achieved! This is another achievement that I am really happy about! I’ve managed to post a total of 12 posts in January. This is such a great achievement for myself and has motivated me to continue being consistent. I have enjoyed creating this great content for you guys and I hope you have loved all my posts.


Let’s get to my February Goals!

Read 2 Books – I’ve had a good start to 2018, I know it’s only 3 books, but that’s better than previous months! I’ve got a couple of books planned for the month already, with my variety of Blog Book Tours.

Meet Samantha – As I said in my January Favourites, I am planning on meeting Samantha at the moment. I am really excited for this as we’ve been speaking on Twitter for a little while now and I can not wait to meet up!

Continue to be Ahead – I have been doing so well at the moment with all my posts! I am actually writing this two weeks ahead, I am so proud of myself for this and would love to continue this. If I can continue being ahead with An Ocean Glimmer, I’ll be able to have more time to myself.

Visit Milton Keynes – Even though I work in Bletchley, I’ve only ever visited Milton Keynes twice, once to meet Tom Fletcher and the other to have my first IKEA trip! I would love to be able to visit Milton Keynes this month, as there’s definitely a lot to explore there!

I hope you have enjoyed this post! What is one thing you would love to achieve this month? Let me know in the comment!


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14 thoughts on “Monthly Goals // February 2018

  1. Congratulations on 10k views and 500 Insta followers! I wish I would have been able to read more books. I’ve only finished one this year but then again I’m currently reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix which is quite long so I guess I can forgive myself… haha!
    For some reason I find the beginning of the year a really difficult time to be consistent with my blog and create a lot of content because there always seems to be so many other things going on in my life at the same time. I’ve been ill for almost three weeks now which has definitely affected how much I’ve been able to post in February but I hope I get back on track in March 🙂 x

    Anu | Based On blog


    1. Thank-youu, it’s a great achievement for me! I’m sure you can do it, keep pushing through. I completely understand that problem! I’m glad I wrote quite a lot of content beforehand and I’m a couple of weeks ahead now. Meaning I don’t have to worry so much, been ill for that long must be horrible!! I hope you feel better soon.


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