Keeping Memories with Printiki

I am a massive lover of taking photographs, it’s the perfect way to document your life, without it I think I would be lost as it’s lovely having photos to look back on the variety of things you’ve done. Unfortunately, we’re in a world now where I would say printed photos are started to die out, with our phones able to take photos, we are able to store them online. With this though, you always run the risk of losing these images.

I am not a massive fan of having a variety of frames dotted around with images, I prefer having single images stuck on my wall. In my old bedroom, I did have a mosaic of various images, but with moving I had to take all these down. Since moving to Aylesbury, I haven’t been able to decorate my room with photos, I just haven’t had the time to come up with something creative.

There are a variety of photo printing companies out there, you can do the good old fashioned way of popping into a printing shop with your images and having them printed there. With everyone’s photo galleries primarily online now though, there’s been a sudden increase of online printing companies, where you send your images off and a couple of days later you receive them in the post.

I’ve never used an online printing company until now, I recently came across Printiki, they are fueled by people with a passion for print and technology. They love sharing photographs digitally but strongly believe there is something still magical about a printed photograph. This is something that I massively agree with! There’s nothing better than having a variety of images in your house that tell different stories.


They have a good selection of products on offer for your printed photos, you can have the standard 4×6 print but also a variety of 4×4 on offer including standard and retro. If you would like to document a particular event, they even have photo books in a variety of sizes and styles. I’m pretty positive they’ve got something to please and interest everyone, I think it all depends on what you would like to document.

I chose to go with the Square 4×4, as I felt these would look super cute in my room and as most of my images have been taken on my phone, this is a perfect size! I didn’t want to have too much ‘white space’ which I felt with the standard 4×6 there would be quite a lot. As they say themselves, this is perfect for printing all your Instagram photos, I wanted to print a few of these off.

From the very first moment, personalisation with Printiki is key, there’s quite a variety of things they allow you to personalise. Want a white background? How about a black background? Don’t want a background? That’s fine! You can choose any of these. As they understand people have their images stored on a range of internet-based websites, they allow you to take your photos straight from them.

Which is great as you don’t have to trawl through your photos on your laptop, you can go straight to Instagram and choose all the photos you want. Their tool to create your digital memories into printed products is soo easy to use, you can either keep them really standard or include text to explain where the photo was taken. You are also able to change the text colour and style, adding another element of personalisation.


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it will be such a lovely idea to print off some of your favourite photos with your loved ones! You could even create a hand-made present for them, what about a photo book of your recent holiday together? A poster of a variety of images to relive your best moments together? There are loads of different ideas Printiki can help you with.

The next step after receiving your printed images is to display them around your house, there are soo many ways of doing this depending on what you would like to do. For me, I’ve put a few on the metal frame I recently bought from Primark, it’s been looking a little bare until now! This is such an easy but effective way of displaying your images, want more inspiration?

Why don’t you follow Printiki on Twitter and Instagram? They are always sharing a variety of ways to display your images, want to personalise your fairy lights, add some images. You could even do the simple way of sticking them on your wall, thinking about a scrapbook? You can use them here and add stickers to illustrate the image further, allow your mind to run wild and be creative here.

Fancy getting your hands on some of the photos I’ve mentioned above to make a special Valentine’s gift, head over to Printiki and when you reach the checkout process, use the code 7AUS5RBF and you’ll receive free shipping!


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*I was gifted 30 4×4 Prints by Printiki for free, in return for an honest review, all thoughts are my own, for more information please see my About Page.


12 thoughts on “Keeping Memories with Printiki

    1. I always grew up with printed images everywhere, they can be a bit expensive now though! I think that’s one of the main reasons why I don’t have as many as I would like. Thank youu, I feel it turned out pretty well


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