Judy Luxury Rose Gold Bracelet

One thing that I’m a little weak for is adorable bracelets, I have a small collection and it’s definitely growing. I recently fell in love with a gorgeous bracelet from Judy Luxury and I was lucky enough to receive it from the online retailer of handbags, jewellery and accessories. I received the Designer Rose Gold Bracelet, it soo pretty and definitely adds a good vibe to your outfit.

I normally dislike buying items of jewellery online as you can never tell the quality, it’s then horrible receiving something and not liking it because it looks nothing like the photograph. I am really pleased with this jewellery piece as it looks exactly like the photo and it’s really good quality. It’s something unusual and I love the little feature of the Marble, it makes for such a blogger stereotype jewellery piece.


We all do love a piece of Rose Gold and Marble, what also makes this bracelet positive, is that it’s listed as one of their best sellers. This is done with all their products in mind, as they’ve got a mixture of handbags and other accessories. Judy Luxury is located in China, so delivery was a little longer than normal, they have a 5 to 15 days window for Europe, they are also able to deliver Worldwide.

On their website, they have a range of products, from belts to purse and handbags bracelets. There’s a range of styles and colours, I’m positive there’s something here that everyone would like. I know I’m eyeing up their other jewellery at the moment, like their necklaces and earrings! Fancy getting your hands on this Rose Gold Bracelet? It’s only $9.90 and you can get it here!

I hope you have enjoyed this post! What are your thoughts on this bracelet? Is it something you would like for yourself?


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16 thoughts on “Judy Luxury Rose Gold Bracelet

  1. How gorgeous is this!? I absolutely love the design and I too am such a sucker for rose gold it’s been my favourite recently! I think the white marbley effect gives it such a classy touch too and adds that extra something rather than keeping it all the same colour! And what a bargain price, I’m definitely going to be looking into this fab site.
    Alice Xx

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    1. Aww, I’m glad I don’t have that problem, but I adore sterling silver. Rose gold is definitely starting to become a good favourite! Jewellerybox is such a great company I love all their pieces


  2. Omgoodness what a beautiful bracelet, I used to wear bracelets a lot but with small babies I had to stop because they grabbed a few and they were broken so I’m keeping all my nice nice bracelets hidden. Great post!


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