JABbox January 2018

I have definitely missed talking about subscription boxes on An Ocean Glimmer, during 2017 I regularly received Infinity Crates, an entertainment and geek-filled box, but once I moved to Aylesbury and money became tight, I had to stop this monthly luxury. I was very lucky enough to receive the JABbox from Just Add Blog, a monthly subscription service for bloggers.

This service has been created to help your blog grow as each month you receive 5-7 different digital items, straight to your inbox. What makes JABbox even better is that all the content has been created by fellow bloggers, photographers and creative minded people. There’s a wide variety of items you could receive, anything from stock photos, how-to guides and fonts to printables and planners.

I wanted to share with you what I received in January’s JABbox, I’ve recently come across this brand and have fallen in love with the type of service they give. I haven’t seen a subscription box like this on the market before, I feel like it’s something very unique.

Perfect Pin Checklist.jpg

In last month’s JABbox, I received a Perfect Pin Checklist. As the title suggests, this is the perfect checklist for Pinterest, unfortunately, I have yet to probably use Pinterest as I don’t 100% know how to use it. Meaning for the moment, this is a little unuseful, once I do start to use Pinterest and understand it, I can tell this will become very helpful! This checklist is handy whenever you are adding anything to your Pinterest.

It tells you exactly what you need to do each time, you add a Pin, which to a new user like me, this is perfect as from the start you know what you should and shouldn’t be doing! You are able to add a perfect Pin each and every time, this checklist was created by Belinda Virtual Assistant.

Weekly Content Planner.jpg

Losing track of your social media posts each week? Well not no more with the Weekly Content Planner! This helps you to plan, track and schedule all your social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also included is an area to write all your goals for the upcoming week as well as listing your weekly priorities. I’m sure if you keep this Content Planner up to date, you’ll never forget anything.

This has been created by Buzzly Designs to help you stay on top and it is also the perfect tool to help build up your social media following. Also located on this Etsy Store, is a range of tools to further help you build your social media following, there’s a Digital 2018 Social Media Content Calendar, a Weekly Social Media Planner and an SEO Analysis/Report Card.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 19.46.43.png

A New Year always seems to be a new you start, don’t fancy a new you? Well, why don’t you give your blog a fresh new look! With this Adena WordPress Theme, you can do just that! I know so many bloggers that have given their blogs a fresh new look, it’s definitely the time to do it, so it’s perfect having this theme in January’s JABbox. The Adena theme is a sleek and professional, minimalist theme.

Perfect if you want to improve the overall look and quality of your blog while giving it that polished look. This theme was created by the unCommons shop on Creative Market and will achieve the correct look for any type of blog, from Beauty to Lifestyle and Travel to Food. There’s a wide range of customisation features to include everything on your blog you require to draw your readers in.


Struggling for some imaginative flay lay images for Instagram and Twitter? Well if you are a Beauty, Lifestyle or Fashion Blogger, I’m sure this 5-pack of flat lay stock photos will help you to improve your social media game! They’re so simple but at the same time will allow you to post something creative, thanks to plenty of white space you are able to add custom text. These were created exclusively for the January JABbox.

Canva is becoming a great tool to create anything for your blog, from feature images to a professional media pack but also printables and e-guides. One problem you may encounter is trying to figure out which fonts go well together. You could be there for hours trying to figure out if Lobster goes well with Abril Fatface or if Oregano goes well with Crushed.

fontpairings copy.jpg

With this handy cheat sheet of 18 different font pairings, you’ll be able to save yourself time and frustration. All these font combinations can be found in Canva and the correct combo will be able to compliment your brand and design, this cheat sheet was created by the family-lifestyle blogger like sara but with a d.

One perk to subscribing to JABbox is that each month, one lucky subscriber will also receive a bonus gift with their regular monthly items. For January, the super special item for January was a handcrafted font bundle from FlycatcherDesign, an Etsy store full of calligraphy fonts created by Michael Gilliam. The bundle include 4 different handcrafted fonts.


These are perfect for creating logos, pins, typography and prints with that hand-drawn aesthetic. I love this aspect of having bonus content within a subscription box as for me, it makes me want to continue the subscription but also gives you that excitement each month to see if you were the lucky person. Did you get that Super Special Item? Let me know in the comments.

Want to get your hands on the JABbox? Well, what are you waiting for! Head to the Just Add Blog website here now, where you can get your hands on a one month, three months or six months subscription.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! I have loved receiving JABbox last month as it’s something definitely unusual and hopefully, these products will help me to be more creative with An Ocean Glimmer.


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*I was gifted a one-month subscription of JABbox from Just Add Blog for free, after guest posting on their blog, in return for an honest review, all thoughts are my own, for more information please see my About Page.



15 thoughts on “JABbox January 2018

    1. Glad you like the sound of this! Yes most definitely, it’s nice having something you can use for blogging. The Pinterest tips have come in handy a little, I’m like you I still can’t get my head around it though


  1. What a brilliant idea! I’d never thought of a monthly blogger box funnily enough, let alone a digital one – how clever! I love the sound of a pre-made weekly planner for blog posts as I literally just use the notes folder on my macbook at the moment as I find it’s easier than writing straight into WordPress so you can access it without internet. The font pairs idea is really clever too, I’d struggle to match fonts as I usually just stick to the same one!
    Alice Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is pretty clever isn’t it, I love it and it’s definitely become helpful! Yes, that’s always helpful you are able to write whenever. Fonts are good, means you don’t have to experiment as much


  2. Ooh, this sounds perfect! I need to check out all of those font services.
    You should definitely start using Pinterest! I get so much traffic from there even when I’m not pinning my own images, just others’. Also, you should definitely set up a business Pinterest – it’s free but you get so many extras with it like analytics and you’re able to display 5 boards at the top of your profile which is incredible! Xx

    Anu | Based On blog

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohh wow that sounds perfect! Thank-youu, love the sound of that, I think I need to just try it and work it out for myself. I’ve heard a lot of good regarding Pinterest, the traffic is definitely good


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