I Can Do This Blog Planner by Dot Creates

It was around this time last year, that I introduced you to Dot Creates, I was on the search for a planner to help me to be organised as a blogger. I wanted everything to be in one place for me, to be able to plan out the variety of content but also have a diary so I know what’s happening when. I purchased the Ultimate Blog Planner and after falling in love with the planner, I decided to purchase another one.

For 2018 though, it’s been a little different, Danielle Timcke, the amazing owner and creator of Dot Creates wanted our help. She enlisted the help of bloggers to create a fresh Blog Planner that featured things that we wanted. There was a couple of different surveys that she planned to understand what we wanted to include inside and how we wanted it to be designed.

There was a lot of forward and backwards, but I was very happy to the see the final results, which I couldn’t not purchase once she released it!


Here’s the finished Blog Planner! Like how pretty is it! It’s amazing watching it come to life and I think we’ve all done a pretty good job to create something like this. It’s everything I imagined and definitely more. Its miles better than the one I bought last year, the quality is amazing, I definitely prefer it being hardback, it means it’s a lot more durable and not as flimsy anymore.

I love the little touches Danielle has added, the illustrations are perfect, it feels a lot more personal and brings her talent across as these are all hand drawn. I love how colourful it is, I wasn’t too sure about creating a different colour for each month but it’s actually worked really well. The colours aren’t that vibrant, they are a lovely pastel colour, which I feel are a lot better.


There’s so much detail that has gone into this planner, there are so many different areas to write notes down in, you can add them to a certain week or just include it at the end. I am a massive fan of creating to-do lists, so having this feature on the double page for the week is perfect. I’m able to add everything that needs to be done for that week, I know exactly where I am and I have no excuse to forget anything now!

I wasn’t a massive fan of the diary view of the last Planner, it was very small and it didn’t really have its own home or anything. It was just there at the bottom of the page. Now you are able to plan out each week, the type of content you are writing, when it’s being published, everything is there in one place. I made the old style of diary view work but now it’s 100 times easier and a lot prettier.


At the beginning of the planner, you receive a free sheet of the Believe & Achieve Sticker Sheet, which will definitely come in handy to personalise the planner that little bit further. I’ve been eyeing some of the sticker sheets on Dot Creates for a while now and I’m happy that I’ve finally managed to get my hands on it! I featured these stickers in my celebration post for January 2018 – Sticker Day, so check that out here.

As I was one of the people on the research and planning for the Blog Planner, I was kindly gifted a discount code when I pre-ordered it. I jumped at this opportunity as I knew it would come in handy for me during 2018 with planning and being organised with An Ocean Glimmer. As another little thank-you, I received a print featuring the Blog Planner front cover quote, I can do this just watch me.


I love this print as it’s hand-drawn and Danielle’s prints are one of the best out there, she’s got a wide range of quotes on Dot Creates, I’m sure there’s something for everyone here. Quite a lot of them are inspirational as well, which when you’re trying to blog, work full-time and spend time with your friends and family, you need that motivation. Currently, I’ve been unsuccessful on finding a home for this print.

If you could recommend anything, that would be lovely! I don’t want to do the normal frame it and put it on my wall, I would like to do something a little different. Talking about motivation quotes, on the start of each month is a brand new quote, these are all different from one another but feature the same message behind them, trying to motivate you for the upcoming month.


It’s also nice completing one month, seeing a motivational quote and pushing yourself that month. These are the pages that feature the pastel colours, which is lovely as it’s an easier way to find the months. Before it was all white pages and each month just got lost with each other, now you can flick straight to the beginning of a month and hopefully, it’s the month you want!

One of the features that I’m glad is still in this Planner from the last one, is the Sponsored Content area, this was really helpful. Being able to have all your Sponsored Content in one area, know when you received them and their publishing date is helpful, especially if one collaboration has a set deadline after you’ve received the item that a post needs to be live. It’s a good way of tracking your content.


I could be here for hours talking more about this Planner! I love it a lot and I can’t wait to fill it with all my blogging content for 2018. Thanks to it being a blank Planner, you are able to start this whenever, if you are still struggling for a Blog Planner I would definitely recommend the Dot Creates Blog Planner, especially as it’s reasonably priced compared to the other planners on the market.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! What are your thoughts on the Dot Creates Blog Planner? Let me know in the comments


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16 thoughts on “I Can Do This Blog Planner by Dot Creates

    1. Yes most definitely, it makes the planner that bit more personal. It adds a bit of character to it, rather than just a standard planner. I think recently she had a discount of them, you should check it out sooner!


  1. This looks like the perfect blog planner! I got a BuJo for blogging this year and The Dear Diary for everything else and I’m absolutely loving both. The Dear Diary (from Etsy) is absolutely incredible and has all of these different tasks at the end of every month which I like 🙂 x

    Anu | Based On blog

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