2018 Blogging Goals

Last month, I shared with you my 2018 Goals, I love creating posts like this as for me it gives me motivation for the upcoming year. Here I planned out the things I would like to achieve, I try and keep these quite simple and actually made them achievable! Nothing worse than picking a goal and not being able to achieve it during your desired time frame. This post though is all about my 2018 Blogging Goals.

I’ve really upped my blogging game over the last few months and I’ve got everything crossed that I can achieve a lot in 2018 if I put my mind to it! I was going to include these goals in my 2018 Goals post, but I felt it was better to separate them, else the post would have been quite long and I’m not sure how many of you would actually read that much. I finished 2017 reasonably good, even with not being 100% focused on my blog.

I feel 2018 might just be a good year for An Ocean Glimmer, shall we get started with my 2018 Blogging Goals?

Go self-hosted – I’ve wanted to go self-hosted for a little while but never thought it was worth it until now. For me, it’s a lot of money, especially if you don’t know how long you are going to continue blogging for. 2017 was great for An Ocean Glimmer and I think this year I will continue to get stronger. There’s also a lot of things I want to change and include with my blog but at the moment I am restricted.

5k followers on Twitter – My 2017 goal for Twitter was to reach a follow of a thousand, I smashed this by reaching 2.5k. I might be pushing myself a little with this goal, but I would love to reach 5k followers! I am closing in on 3k followers, so actually, 5k followers in eleven months don’t sound that much when you think about it. I would love for you to follow me here.

20k blog views – I reached 10k views on An Ocean Glimmer at the end of January, I was so happy and pleased with myself! I’ve already had a great start to the New Year, as I’ve had ______ views for January. I do believe I can reach 20k blog views as I’ve been pushing myself over the past couple of months.


Improve my photography – Photography is a massive part of my life, I always seem to be taking photos daily. I’ve learnt quite a lot about photography during my education but I only know the basics, I would love to learn a bit more about photography, what the different settings mean and how to use them. I am happy with my photography, but I definitely feel there’s room for improvement.

New theme – When I go self-hosted, I would love to change my blog theme! I feel it will be a nice celebration, for my own domain, a new theme will be nice. I’m not sure what I’m exactly looking for, but I believe when I start my search I’ll come along something that I fall in love with. I’ve actually never changed my theme since starting An Ocean Glimmer so it will be nice to have something new.

Attend a blogging event – Unfortauntely with living down south, I was never able to attend a blogging event. It just seemed non-existence! Now I live in Aylesbury, I’m a lot closer to London and Birmingham is also reasonably close. Another help to achieve this goal will be going self-hosted as I’ll have my own DA score, meaning I can apply to events that previously I need a DA score of say 20.

Be consistent – If you are a consistent blogger, you’ll get more views and more of a following, you’ll be sharing your content on social media. Thanks to having a mini blogger break, I was able to write a few posts meaning I was ahead of schedule. This then meant I was able to be consistent and I’ve been able to write at least two posts a week during January.

There we go guys, seven goals I would love to achieve/complete in 2018! I have everything crossed that I can achieve these, it would mean the world if I can finally go self-hosted this year. It would mean new features unlocked on my blog and I’ll be able to put myself forward for exciting collaborations with brands. I thank you all for the follows and comments during 2017 and I hope this continues to improve this year.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! If you’re a blogger, what’s one of your Goals for 2018? I would love to know in the comments.


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12 thoughts on “2018 Blogging Goals

    1. I know, I am really excited to go self-hosted! There’s currently soo much I want to do with my blog, but I’m restricted. Also thank-youu!! That’s soo kind of you, thank-you for coming across my blog. I hope you continue to enjoy. If I’m honest, I don’t actually really know! A lot of work goes into it, I think it’s consistency as well.

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