Target Dark Circles with eyewake

Today’s post is sponsored by eyewake, as they kindly gifted me their Unique Formula Collagen Gel in return for an honest review. My eyes are one area that I neglect, as I have no product in my morning and evening routine that specifically targets that area. If I’m honest, I’ve never really had problems under my eyes, that’s why I’ve never thought to purchase something for under my eyes.

With this Collagen Gel though, even if you don’t have dark circles or puffy skin, it will help to prevent unattractive wrinkles. I was happy with everything I read about eyewake, so I thought why not try this for myself to see if it does what it says it will. I was able to go through the ordering process myself, I was reimbursed the cost of eyewake by Lucy.

I love when you can do this, you get to experience everything, from ordering to delivery and using the product. There are two ways of ordering your Collagen Gel, you can order it on Amazon or their official website. I ordered through Amazon and was lucky enough to use their Amazon Locker, meaning I only had to wait one day to receive. This was my first time using the Locker, I was pleasured with the delivery process.

What is eyewake?

eyewake is the natural anti-fatigue eye gel for under your eyes, it is said to immediately target dark circles and puffy skin as well as helping with anti-aging and helps to rejuvenate your skin. You will receive a 30ml bottle and it has a slight scent to it, but nothing overpowering.


The packaging for the bottle is very simple, which I think is a great thing, it’s nothing fancy and allows full focus on the Collagen Gel. It is a pumped bottle with a nozzle that allows you to easily use the product. I did have to pump it a couple of times to start with before I received a good amount of the gel each time. I prefer products like this as not only does it make it easier to use, but you can’t contaminate the gel.

The formula of the gel is a little strange, I don’t think I’ve come across something this consistency before. First, it is a really thick consistency, but once you start rubbing it in, it almost turns into a watery consistency. It does leave my eyes feeling heavy when I first rub the gel in, I’m not sure if all eye products are like this, as this is my first time using one. Once you’ve allowed the gel to sink into the skin, it does start to feel more normal.


I’m actually really happy with this product, I have seen and felt a difference under my eyes, as I said earlier in this post, I wasn’t really affected by dark circles that much. When I first heard about eyewake, I did do a quick Google search to read other people’s feelings. There was a mixture of good and bad, I think it all depends on your skin, like most products.

For me, it’s definitely a good pick me up if my eyes are looking a little sleepy, I will definitely continue using it to keep my skin rejuvenated. It also keeps my under eyes looking healthy and it doesn’t take you that long to work in, your fingers aren’t left feeling greasy and horrible either. I’ve even heard that it can be a good layer to add under your eyes if you wear make-up.

eyewake have a partnership with Woman’s Aid, meaning every bottle sold, eyewake will give a donation to help the amazing work they do, helping the victims of domestic violence. They donate 5% of their net profits to Women’s Aid and partake in charity events in each quarter, for more information about this partnership, head to their website here.

This is the first and only product from eyewake, at the moment, if you want to keep up to date with them, why don’t you follow them on social media? You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram. If you fancy their Unique Formula Collagen Gel for yourself, it’s currently over half price at £14.95 on Amazon, what are you waiting for!?

I hope you have enjoyed this post! What do you think about this product, is it something you are after/need?


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*I was reimbursed the amount for Unique Formula Collagen Gel from eyewake for free, in return for an honest review, all thoughts are my own, for more information please see my About Page.


27 thoughts on “Target Dark Circles with eyewake

  1. I’ve never used an eye product and I think I’m getting to the point where I should start looking into it. I’m going to make my research on eyewake now! Great review!

    Julia xx


  2. I think with skincare products, as you said, it’s usually gonna be a bit subjective on what your skin is like. I’d love to give this a try, though – I have super bad under-eye circles sadly! xx


  3. Ooh I’ve heard about this eye gel and all fab things so far! I absolutely love that they support a domestic violence charity too, not a lot of companies do things like that nowadays so it’s great to know there are still good ones out there! Glad this worked for you, I do need to incorporate something into my skin routine for my eyes. Maybe this will be it!
    Alice Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This sounds like a really good product Gemma! 💖 I also love the fact they are also donating some of their profits to Women’s Aid. That is such a great cause and makes buying the product even more appealing. Thanks for sharing your experience! 😘 xx

    Bexa |

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Dark under eye circles are my biggest insecurity! I always feel like they are the most noticeable part of my face although in recent years I have learned to love them in a way, because they’re not going anywhere and it seems like a waste of time to hate them! I do love trying out new products to help this problem area, however, and this one definitely sounds like it’s worth a go! The consistency does sound very curious but if you have noticed results then that’s fab! I absolutely love that this brand has partnered with the charity as well, it’s great to see brands like this involved in ethical work!

    Abbey 😘


    1. I haven’t focused on my dark circles apart from recently, I think it’s stress and not being able to sleep! I completely agree with you, sometimes they just can’t disappear. New products are definitely always good. Thank-youu for the comment!


  6. I’ve tried this product and its amazing! I loved your review too gemma so thorough and informative. I love that you mentioned their customer service as its so fast and well done! I cant wait for more products!



    1. Thank-youu! Glad to hear you’ve enjoyed it as well, that’s great +& I always try my hardest with reviews, I always think about what I would enjoy reading. I’m glad it’s interesting for youu


  7. This sounds so good! I struggle to find under eye products that are actually wearable under your make-up without ruining whatever you put top of it. I think it being a gel rather than a cream must really help with that as it’s way less greasy. Tempted to try it especially as they support a domestic violence charity as well, always a plus! x

    Alice |


    1. Companies like that are always great, aren’t they! It’s most definitely one to try, I love that you like the sound of it. I haven’t tried it with make-up though but I feel like it would work well


  8. This sounds like a really good eye cream! I have really bad dark circles under my eyes and I can’t live without eye cream. The only one I’ve found that does the job for me is from Lush but maybe I need to give this a go in the future 🙂 x

    Anu | Based On blog


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