March 2018 – National Fragrance Day

Today marks National Fragrance Day, I adore fragrances and sweet smelling things, as you could probably tell by my couple of fragrance reviews, including Monsoon Rose Gold and Accessorize Love Lily. To celebrate, I wanted to review a couple of fragrances that I’ve been dying to try recently.

First though, what exactly is National Fragrance Day?

It’s as simple as celebrating your favourite scent if you’re a lover of fragrances you can celebrate just by choosing a new fragrance but you could even take a trip to the florist if you enjoy the scent of flowers or how about baking a cake if you like that sweet smell. Whatever is enjoyable for your noses, do it, our nose knows best.

I love perfumes, I swear I am always picking up a new one. I used to try a lot of different ones growing up, especially throughout secondary school. Now though I’ve only got a couple, a manageable amount shall I say, I’ve been hearing a lot of good things recently about So…? Fragrances, so just had to pick up a couple of these fragrances.

Especially as I found them for half price in Superdrug, I couldn’t not pick them up! As well as a fragrance from Body Fantasies, shall we get started with my review?

So…? Watermelon – I adore the smell of Watermelon, I have always been a massive fan, so was definitely pleased by this body mist. Thankfully, it’s not too overpowering as that would be a massive disappointment. It’s such a sweet, fruity scent, definitely reminds me of Summer! I feel like Watermelon is such a Summery scent, at the moment though, it cheers me up and makes me wish for Summer.

For me, this is definitely an everyday fragrance, I have been loving using this fragrance and I’ve been receiving some nice compliments. The packaging compliments it, even more, I love the feature of Watermelon on the backdrop. With it being a see-through bottle, you are able to see these really clearly. It’s such a simple feature but works really well to make the fragrance appealing.


So…? Fruity – Staying on the fruity vibe, I also picked up So…? Fruity, this one is very similar to the Watermelon one. It’s unbelievable how both of these can smell so much like Summer, there are so many different scents you pick up from this one. From a blend of mandarin, followed by a heavier combination of peach and lily. It’s finished with a creamy cedar wood to make this the perfect from day to night spray.


Body Fantasies, Sparkling Pink Grapefruit – I’ve never heard of Body Fantasies before, but with this being half price like the So…? Fragrances I had to pick it up. Along with Watermelon, Pink Grapefruit is another of my favourite scents, I was very excited to try this one, it definitely did not disappoint! Just like the So…? Fragrances, it’s a perfect handbag size.

I think there’s a theme running here, this is another fruity scent, very similar to So…? Watermelon and Fruity, just shows what type of scents I enjoy. There are pink grapefruit notes and pomegranate, with a base of white musk and vanilla. No wonder I’ve never heard of Body Fantasies, seeing as they are an American brand and have only just come to the United Kingdom.


I love all three of these fragrances, they definitely all remind me of what’s just around the corner, Summer! As well as reminding me of when I was growing up as So…? Fragrances were all the range, we all had one in our handbags, including the body sprays. So…? have definitely done a good comeback with these.

I’m really excited for it to start to warm up, I can not wait to spend more time outside, it’s just so cold at the moment. It just makes me want to stay indoors under the blanket and blog, rather than exploring places around Aylesbury. Another way you can celebrate National Fragrance Day is by posting a #smellfie!

#smellfie I hear you say, what’s that!? Everyone loves a good selfie, created by The Perfume Society, they are asking you to post a photo of yourself with the bottle of perfume you adore or simply the scent you happen to have chosen that day. I’ve never heard of this campaign before, even though it’s now in its fourth year.

Their goal is to make 2018 the biggest year, you can share your #smellfie on Instagram, use the hashtag and mention @theperfumesociety and on Twitter, use the hashtag and tag @Perfume_Society I’m so excited by this campaign, so I’ll definitely be supporting it! I might even go through the hashtag myself to see what fragrances people are loving.

It gets better, The Perfume Society will be choosing their top five photos, with every winner receiving a signed copy of The Perfume Bible, the ultimate guide to the world of fragrances written by Josephine Fairley and Lorna McKay, co-founders of The Perfume Society. As well as 6 printed editions of their Scented Letter Magazine.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! What’s your favourite perfume at the moment? Leave a comment below.


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12 thoughts on “March 2018 – National Fragrance Day

  1. I remember seeing the So..? fragrances all over social media when they were first released, but I am still yet to try them myself – I love the sound of the Watermelon smell! I’m all for fruity fragrances, especially as it gets closer to Summer.. 🙊


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