Goodbye Chapped Lips with Dr.PAWPAW

During the Winter months, I find my lips are horrible, they become chapped and sore, it’s hard finding something that keeps this at bay. Especially with the change of weather recently, my lips have been chapped and I’ve needed something to fix them. I do find that the change between one season to another can cause problems with your health and appearance.

Of course, there are a lot of different products on the market that say they can save your chapped lips, but do these actually work! I’ve been eyeing up recently products from Dr.PAWPAW including their Original Balm. I was actually recently gifted their balm to combat my chapped lips. I’m sure if you read my March Favourites, you’ll know I’ve been raving about this product!

As well as speaking about it on my social media channels, of course, I wanted to speak about the Original Balm in a little bit of depth here today.

But first, who are Dr.PAWPAW?

Dr.PAWPAW is the first UK made pawpaw based cosmetic balm. Their balms are the first pawpaw balms to contain both aloe vera oil and olive oil. Their mission: To provide multi-tasking products that save time, space and money.


I love how their Original Balm is not just for your lips, it can be used by the whole family on skin, lips, hair, nails and cuticles and for cosmetic finishing. Sounds perfect right? Yes it is, I’ve been using this daily and it’s solved my chapped and dry lips perfectly. It provides relief for dry irritated skin and moisturises lips, nails, cuticles and dry cracked skin such as heels, hand and elbows.

I find during the colder months, my skin changes but to use a product like this and keep most of that at bay is perfect. I can’t believe how universal one product can be! Recently, I’ve had dry skin around my cuticles and the top part of my thumb, this has been the perfect product to use. Also with it being a squeezy tube, you’re able to use every last drop. Even being able to squeeze out as much or as little as you require.


If you’ve read my March Favourites, you’ll know that I recently spent the weekend at Silverstone for the Touring Car Championship UK, Silverstone is the worst place for chapped lips! You don’t realise until you get home, but your lips feel horrible from being exposed to the wind all day. I took the Original Balm with me and it surely was a lifesaver and it’s super easy to use!

I feel this Original Balm is going to last me a while, a little goes a long way when you use it, this is perfect. I received the 10ml Original Balm which is the perfect size for travelling and keeping in your handbag. It’s not too small to lose in your bag and not too big to take up all the room. Also with it being a squeezy tube, more than one person can use it, unlike the tube lip balms that really only one person can use.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Is the Original Balm something you need to
get your hands on? Have you tried anything from Dr.PAWPAW?


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*I was gifted the Original Balm from Dr.PAWPAW, in return for an honest review,
all thoughts are my own, for more information please see my About Page.



5 thoughts on “Goodbye Chapped Lips with Dr.PAWPAW

  1. I received this in a Birchbox a few months back and it’s amazing! The texture of it worried me at first because it’s quite greasy feeling, but all that moisture soaks in. It’s worked wonders for my lips!


  2. I always keep a balm of some form in my handbag or clutch, ‘just incase’! I’m currently using Balm Dotcom by Glossier, which I absolutely adore, but when I’ve finished that, I will definitely look into Dr. PAWPAW.. 🙊


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