6 Things I Love About Motorsports

I’m sure it’s no surprise that I’m a massive motorsports fan! I’m always talking about it here as well as on Twitter, motorsports has always been a part of my life. From a very young age, my Dad introduced me to Formula 1. He would watch it each weekend and I would sit there with him, I didn’t have a clue of who was who or what was going on.

I continued to watch F1 growing up and before I realise, I knew about everything that was going on. I started to enjoy it more as well as finding the team and driver to support each race, then I started to enjoy other series and formulas, like DTM, Formula E and World Endurance Championship.

Motorsports will always hold a part in my heart, I’ve even had the opportunity to attend different events at Silverstone. From F1 and WEC to British Touring Car Championship and World Series by Renault, thanks to my success in my interview over four years ago to become a Silverstone Race Maker, I’ve been very lucky indeed.

Silverstone British GP

I thought I would share with you the Things I Love About Motorsports. I’m going to try and keep this short, including the main points as I’m sure I would be here all day.


It’s definitely something different being at a race weekend, the atmosphere is AMAZING! From the fans to the entertainment and drivers, you are in for a treat, each series has a different feel to it. Formula 1 is very serious and there’s a lot that’s off limits, but British Touring Cars is very laid back and it’s amazing how close you can get to the action!


Everyone in the racing community is one big happy family, everyone is really friendly and with the smaller championships, you are able to get up close with the drivers. They travel around everywhere with one another, so you need to get along. Team HARD are great examples of this! They care about one another as well as being very close, they are also very accepting of new people, I love meeting up with them each round I attend.

Intensity of Racing

Watching that wheel to wheel action makes you sit on the edge of your seat, will they get past one another safely? This is for the lead, can they do it? I love just sitting there through an intense race and rooting for my favourite drivers. It definitely makes it more enjoyable when there’s action in a race.


People you Meet

For the past four years, I’ve been very lucky to be apart of the Silverstone Race Maker volunteer programme. Here I have the opportunity to attend different events at the circuit, being there as either customer service or grandstand. There is a lot of rewarding moments, like meeting a range of drivers from Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo to Jenson Button and Mark Webber.

Track Walks

Another moment I love during a race weekend is the opportunity to walk the track, this is a very popular event! You see thousands of people walking it at the end of the weekend, I haven’t managed to walk Silverstone just yet. I’ve been meaning to each weekend I’m there but I’m always so tired, the feeling of the track under your feet is amazing I love being where the cars have just been moments ago.

Supporting a Team/Driver

As I said previously in this post, I love supporting a team/driver, if you know me well, I’m sure it’s no surprise that I love Red Bull Racing. As well as Daniel Ricciardo, he’s by far my favourite driver on the F1 grid. I’ve met him a few times and he is a great guy, he has a brilliant personality as well. Of course, this is one of those things that change, when drivers leave the team/sport.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! I know it’s something a little different from normal, I am very passionate about Motorsports so I wanted to share with you exactly why. Do you have an interest in Motorsports? What’s your favourite series?


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