An A-Z of An Ocean Glimmer!

I’m not a very me, me, me person but I do feel that it’s good to get to know the person behind a blog. Recently, I’ve done a few different posts to introduce myself to you, including Things I Love About Motorsports and Things That Make Me Happy. April is turning into the month of getting to know me, Gemma Bray, the girl behind An Ocean Glimmer and today is no different!

At the beginning of this month, I came across An A-Z of Me from Zoe Jackson over at Just Zoe. I fell in love with this post as I found it interesting to pick just one thing that related to each of the 26 letters of the alphabet. Now, it seems like a semi-easy thing to do but I’ve got this feeling that when I actually get stuck in, it won’t be that easy… Like right now, I can’t think of anything for the last couple of letters.

Shall we get started with An A-Z of Me

A is for Assassin’s Creed. One major passion of mine is gaming, over the past ten years, I have been addicted to one gaming series. That series is Assassin’s Creed which recently featured in my March Favourites. I love Assassin’s Creed because it’s super addicting and it’s something a little different from the norm, with it focusing on a centuries-old struggle pitting the Assassins, who fight for peace and free will, against the Templars, who believe peace comes through control of humanity.

B is for Bath Bombs. I have had the luxury of baths since moving to Aylesbury as previously, I only had access to a shower, meaning I have fallen in love with bath bombs! Myself and Yasmine are always picking up a few when we visit LUSH back home, I fell in love with a couple of their Christmas and Halloween products! Most recently though it has been Bomb Cosmetics which is such a good alternative to LUSH.

C is for Coffee. I am in love with coffee! Maybe a little too much, but it’s divine, especially since working at 4CM. We have our own machine and people are always offering coffee, we have a few very interesting flavours that I love trying. It’s crazy the variety and flavours you can get, but nothing beats a Caramel Latte from Starbucks!

D is for Devon. The place I will always call home. At the end of July, I would have been living in Aylesbury for one whole year, a massive moment in my life. I definitely miss Plymouth and Devon each day, my friends, being so close to the sea and having the perfect brunch places.

E is for Eating. Who doesn’t love eating!? I love food, it’s such a big part of my life, I especially love coming across new foods. I’m not one for cooking though… I’m really not that good at that, but baking though, I am good at that!

F is for Family. I adore my family, one of the positives of moving to Aylesbury if that I’m so much closer to all my family, both my Mum’s and Dad’s side. I’ve always been a family person, even with us living four-five hours away in Plymouth.

G is for Grand Prix. I have been working at Silverstone for the past four years and I wouldn’t change it for the world. The British Grand Prix is such a good atmosphere, it’s great to be in the thick of it.

H is for Hometown. Since moving to Aylesbury, I have been missing Plymouth. It’s definitely a change here, being inland compared to by the coast. Plymouth will always be my home and I’ll always think about it. I can’t wait to go back home at the end of June.

I is for Italy. This time last year I was in Italy with Yasmine having the time of my life, this was our official holiday on our own and it was amazing! Italy is such a beautiful country and the food is amazing. I would definitely love to go again but explore a different part of the country.

J is for Job. I have been very thankful to hold my full-time job now for six whole months, each day I continue to grow and it’s unbelievable how far I’ve come. They’re so impressed and proud of me, I would never have thought I would be in this position when I started. Good opportunities have recently opened up for myself and I’m catching each of them.

K is for Knick Knacks. I love collecting things from where ever I travel to, be it tickets, little trinkets, programmes, anything that will remind me of the place or event. I have shall I say, just a little collection, one whole box full of little knick-knacks.

L is for Lists. I have to create a list before I can do it! Whether it’s for a trip away, going shopping or even a to-do list for the day ahead. It makes things so much easier, I think it goes hand in hand with me being very good at being organised.

M is for Motorsports. Motorsports is my life! Recently, I’ve been mentioning it quite a lot on An Ocean Glimmer. The new seasons have all started so it’s officially go time! I couldn’t think of my life without motorsports in it, it’s such a boring weekend without watching at least one championship.

N is for New York. Probably one of my top three places I want to visit is New York, it looks like such a beautiful place and there’s soo much there you have to explore! It would be amazing to visit New York over the holiday period as they do everything ten times better. We’ve spoken about it, it’s now just saving up!

O is for Organised. I am always being asked, how do I keep myself so organised, I seem to always remember the correct things. The ways I complete things is a whole different thing, people always ask how I do it. It feels like my life would crumble if I didn’t stay on top of things by being organised.

P is for Photography. I have always loved taking photos, most recently it’s been motorsports photography, but I’ve always enjoyed taking photos of anything. Another reason I probably love blogging, as taking photos comes along with the writing and admin. Last year, I had the opportunity to become the official photographer for Silverstone Race Makers.

Q is for Quiet. I’m always told, oh you’re really quiet! I’m pretty shy when you first meet me, but after a little while, I will open up and become a little bit nosier. I start to feel comfortable and show my true colours, which sometimes can be surprising.

R is for Race Makers. Since 2014 I have been a part of the Race Maker volunteer programme from Silverstone. This has heavily become a massive part of my life! I have made so many friends through this programme and have a lot of memories that will stay with me forever.

S is for Stitch. There’s only one Disney character I have loved from day one of watching and that is Stitch. Yes, I’m taking about Experiment 626, he was originally created by Dr. Jumba Jookiba to cause chaos across the galaxy. He’s such a cute and adorable character, I have always loved him and always will.

T is for Travelling. When I was growing up, I hardly travelled anywhere apart from to my family and a couple of trips to Looe, Cornwall. Since being with Yasmine, I have been to Gran Canaria, Majorca and Italy, I loved visiting these places and would love to continue travelling my whole life. The world is such a pretty place and I want to see it all.

U is for University. I was the first person in my main family to go to university, it wasn’t always a thing I wanted to do, but I’m very glad I did! Last October, I graduated from the University of St Mark & St John with a 2.1 in Journalism. It was the best three years of my life and I learnt soo much.

V is for Venice. When I went to Italy, my favourite location was Venice! It’s such a gorgeous place and there’s soo much to see. I am very glad I could visit before it got lost by the sea, we made such a good decision on our hotel right by the sea. Well, I’m sure where ever you go in Venice you’re next to the sea! Also, it was lovely to go on a Gondola ride with Yasmine.

W is for Writing. During school, I would never have thought in the future I would love writing, of course, if I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t have this little space on the internet. It’s not a chore for me each week, it’s a passion and I love thinking about new things to write about!

Y is for Yasmine. I couldn’t write this list without including my soul mate. This woman is amazing, she’s always been there for me through thick and thin. We’ve come a long way recently and I’m really excited to see where the future takes us!

Z is for Zzzzz. I love my sleep, if I don’t get enough then you’ll definitely know in the morning! It’s so nice just drifting off into a different world, I’m sure sleep is something everyone enjoys as we all require it.

Few… That took a little longer than I had imagined! Also, it was a lot harder, some letters were really easy to come up with things with others taking forever to think of something. I feel like I have introduced you to something different about myself. I know a couple you probably would already know!

I hope you enjoyed this! Do we have anything in common? Have you
done an A-Z of yourself? Let me know in the comments.


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