April 2018 – World Stationery Day

What’s better than loving stationery,
then having a whole week dedicated to stationery!

That’s correct, I’m talking about National Stationery Week, which started on Monday. It’s pretty simple really, it’s a whole week celebrating all things stationery, there’s something extra special today though. It’s World Stationery Day! Let’s celebrate the written word. Its aim is to get people all over the world talking and writing about stationery, and why writing by hand is important.

If you know me well, you’ll know that I am completely addicted to stationery. There are many different ways to get involved if you’re a stationery addict, I’ve taken the opportunity to grab a few things from Old English Company, a company who specializes in homeware and stationery, with beautiful hand-lettered quotes. When they reached out to me about a potential collaboration, I jumped at the opportunity!

It didn’t take me very long to accept, if you love stationery, homeware, quotes and typography then Old English Co. is definitely for you. I was very fortunate to be allowed a budget of £50, which with their range of notebooks, prints, cards, coasters and enamel pins there’s a lot to choose from. I’m pleased to say after a little while on their website, I was able to choose a couple of items from their stationery range.

Prints with special/inspirational quotes are brilliant, that’s why I fell in love with the You are my Star Constellation print. I can’t wait to put this in a frame and use it to decorate my home when I move. Thankfully, you receive it within a plastic sleeve, meaning you don’t have to worry about it getting ruined and it’s safe until I can get a frame.

Now if you really know me, you’ll know how much I LOVE coffee, meaning when I came across this notebook that had Bring me Coffee and I Will Love You Forever on the front, I just had to have it! It sums me up so well and the quality of the notebook is perfect, it makes you not want to use it. I think this will become the perfect blog prop!


You are my Star Constellation Print

Bring me Coffee A5 Notebook

You’ll see a theme starting here, they have an ever-growing collection of notebooks and pads. I had to pick up this Important Things Wiro Notebook, as it’s my favourite type of notebook, the quality is amazing! Including the 100gsm white paper, I also love that you can tear off the pages easily. The style of the font is perfect, it’s definitely a little unusual and adds character.

If notebooks aren’t your thing, there is a range of notepads, I picked up this A6 Notepad that reads Things in my Head. Now, this seems the perfect thing to have on your bedside cabinet or kitchen side if anything just comes to you and you need to jot it down. I’m always taking notes everywhere, it’s really helpful to remember things.


Important Things A5 Wiro Notebook

Things in my Head A6 Notepad

Continuing with notepads, I loved this Really Important Things pad as it’s a little checklist! On Monday, I shared with you An A-Z of An Ocean Glimmer, here I spoke about how much I love creating lists. This pad is going to be perfect for that and it’s the perfect size to jot down a reasonable amount of things for my daily to-dos. I can’t explain how long I’ve been searching for a pad like this to replace my other one!

Last but no means least, I picked up this memo pad, since working at 4CM I use sticky notes daily. I love how this has Really Important Things along the top like the notepad. This is the perfect size to be able to list a couple of things throughout the day, having small sticky notes is horrible! You’re only able to write one thing down, I’ve always loved memo pads, the perfect addition to my desk.


Really Important Things A5 Notepad

Really Important Things Memo Pad

With all their products similarly designed, my collection is going to match perfectly. The experience with them was perfect! From the very first email, they were kind and helpful. With the website offering a huge range of products, it was difficult to narrow down. Struggling to find a present for someone? You can find such lovely gifts on this site and did I mention, they’re all very reasonably priced!

I hope you have enjoyed this post! What will you be doing this week to
celebrate National Stationery Week? Have you ever shopped with Old English Co. before? Leave a comment below.


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*Thank-you Old English Co. with gifting me a £50 gift card to chose my own products, in
return for an honest review, and sharing the products on my social media channels. All thoughts are my own,
for more information please see my About Page.


9 thoughts on “April 2018 – World Stationery Day

  1. I have been hearing so many positive things in the blogging world about the Old English Company lately! Everyone seems to love their products and find them to be of excellent quality, which is fantastic to hear! I really like the Really Important Things notepad, I find that to-do lists really help me stay organised as well so I would definitely get a lot of use out of that notepad! The star constellation print is gorgeous, I hope you manage to find a pretty frame for it! I need to buy a few birthday gifts for friends soon, so I’ll definitely be looking on this site to find the perfect present!

    Abbey xx


    1. They truly are great! I highly recommend them. Most definitely, they are really great for exactly that, I think I’ve managed to buy one for each room of the house haha. I know the print is gorgeous right, hopefully, I can find one soon then I can display it. It’s such a good website you’ll find some great gifts there! Even if they’re not a stationery lover.


  2. Why did I not know of this weekend that was clearly meant for me to celebrate. I love stationary and what you’ve picked is so nice. I’m in need of new stationary so I might put in a little order!


    1. I only recently came across it! I’m glad I did though, you should write it down for next year and celebrate. Same here, stationery is amazing isn’t it!! Thank-youu Zoe, you definitely should check them out and put in a cheeky order.


    1. Thank-youu Tiffany, I really did fall in love with everything! Glad you like the look of their stationery. Same here, I know that feeling aswell. List notepads are soo useful, definitely for that. I’m the same as youu.


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