6 Money Saving Tips for 2018

I suppose if you’re like myself, you dream of saving but it’s actually a lot harder than you realise! You see a cute dress in Primark and you just HAVE to have it, it’s super adorable and would be perfect for work and it’s only £5. Do you stop to think, do I actually need this? I’m meant to be saving for a car, or a mortgage, even a holiday, I know that exact feeling and it’s definitely harder than people make it seem.

At the moment, myself and Yasmine are trying to save for a mortgage, but it’s not going so well. Life just seems to get in the way and you have to spend money, of course, you’ve got things like bills, rent and food. You have to still live while saving as well enjoying yourself if you’re struggling with saving, I’ve come up with some of my favourite tips that are actually helping myself to save that bit more each month.

Check Your Budget – For me, the main thing when it comes to saving is to understand what is coming in and going out. Each month, I create a list including my important bills, some luxuries, food money and petrol. From here you can then work out if you are spending too much, you might find you’re paying for things that you’re not actually using. Cancel these and put this money away in your savings.

Set Your Goal – If you’ve been following An Ocean Glimmer for a little while now, you’ll know each month, I set myself different Goals. I love thinking about the things I would like to achieve in the month, I definitely find this more helpful! When it comes to saving, this is no difference, I feel you are more likely to achieve something if you write it down. Whether you want to save for something important or pay off some debts just write down your goal.

Reduce Food Spend – I feel like I spend a lot on my food bill each week! It can be tough and it’s not until you look into it, that you realise just how much. You need to be a little savvy when it comes to shopping,  what about buying things a little bit before you need them because it’s cheaper at that moment. Make sure you’re not wasting the food, look at what you’re buying and see if you could do without because it’s just going into the bin.


Pay Straight Into Your Savings – I prefer putting money straight into my savings and then putting the required money into my main account. For me, it reduces the temptation to buy unnecessary items, it’s nice seeing all that money in there but you realise that it is do not touch money. This then helps in emergencies, as you don’t have to worry about those incidents, you’ve got the money there.

Just Keep Going – When you first start saving, it can feel like you’ll never achieve it and after a couple of months, there’s hardly anything there to show for all your hard work. The money will start building up, just push through and before you realise, it’s been a year and you’re soo close to your target. I’m feeling like this myself but I’m going to push through and achieve!

Do You Really Need It? – Just because you’re saving, doesn’t mean you can treat yourself once in a while. Saving doesn’t mean not having a life, it just means thinking about whether or not you actually need/require it! Don’t just buy it because it looks pretty or it’s cheap like I mentioned earlier, now it’s thinking that £10 could be saved and your goal reached quicker.

I hope these tips will be helpful to you all, I know myself these tips have been helping a lot. I am definitely questioning myself a lot more when I go out, there have been some arguments with Yasmine regarding money. I feel like it’s only myself saving, unfortunately, she’s been having a couple of car troubles, meaning the money has gone onto that.

My fingers are crossed that we can save the money required to have a mortgage and move into our own home together. What’s one tip that helps you to save?
Let me know in the comments!


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2 thoughts on “6 Money Saving Tips for 2018

  1. I’m such an impulse buyer that when i see something i’ll buy it straight away! A tip i’ve learnt is to wait a few hours or even days and then if you still keep thinking about it then buy it, if not you dont need it!x


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