Let’s Talk About Shaving – Friction Free Shaving

It’s that time of year where it starts getting warmer with Spring finally here, us girls start to wear skirts and dresses. Unfortunately, we’ve been a little lazy with something over the Winter, yes that’s correct I’m talking about Shaving! Shaving can be a pain, it takes forever to shave everywhere and sometimes it even hurts, there’s one company out there, that’s trying to make this better for us ladies.

You can get anything through your letterbox these days as subscription boxes, from beauty, food, stationery to gin, flowers and cake. There’s nothing that can’t be delivered straight to your house monthly, something that every women needs can also be delivered monthly through your door. Thanks to Friction Free Shaving, you can lead a less irritating life when it comes to Shaving.

You’re probably thinking what is Friction Free Shaving:

Friction Free Shaving, also known as FFS, is the first razor delivery service designed exclusively for women. They’re on a mission to make it cleaner, easier and cheaper to shave your legs, underarms and any other areas. It’s easy, sign up and they’ll send you a chic handle, then fresh blades every month meaning you can stay smooth for longer.

How does FFS work?

Order Online.png    Refills Delivered.png Live Friction Free.png

Step 1 – Order Online & Receive Your Shaviour

Step 2 – Refills Delivered Every Month

Step 3 – Live Friction Free

You’re able to choose between three different ShaviourRose, Silvia and Frankie – each is very different. I was very lucky to be gifted Rose from FFS, I’m really excited to share my thoughts on this razor with you and whether I’ll be continuing with FFS. Now is definitely the perfect time to purchase a new razor, the weather is getting warmer, we’re exploring new places and it’s worth having silky smooth legs.


How about a little bit about Rose:

Hello you. I’m Rose (£9), the world’s first metal razor designed especially for women. I’ve got a lubricating Vitamin E strip and 6 stainless steel blades, which are diamond coated to help me glide across your skin effortlessly.

I can’t wait to light up your bathroom with my rose gold finish, while my special bikini blade is primed to tighten up the edges of any hairs you’re keen to keep. Let’s face it, I was made for you.

  • 4 German-engineered razor refills per month
  • 6 diamond-coated steel blades per head
  • 1 styling bikini blade built into the back of the cartridge
  • Full 90-degree pivot head contours the body’s curves
  • Weighted handle for optimal control and comfort
  • Head-turning rose gold finish, with chrome plating to prevent rust

If you would like to really personalise your razor for an extra £5 you can engrave your Shaviour with anything of your choice. For me though, I didn’t do this but I can see it being a really good addition, especially if you’re treating someone! Now you can choose your add-ons from Pre-Shave Scrub (£6), Shave Cream (£6) and Post-Shave Balm (£6).

If none of these takes your fancy you don’t have to choose any add-ons. Now with any of their blades, you don’t technically pay for your Shaviour, when you look at your order it will say FREE for your Shaviour and £9 for 4 Rose Blades. I don’t know about you but this is perfect! For my previous razor, I had to pay £11 for a 3pk! It’s just crazy, isn’t it?

Now, what’s special about FFS is you never have to worry about ordering blades again as it does it all for you! It will remember what you ordered and will send the blades to your door. You’re able to choose monthly or bi-monthly, as you change this blade every week, you need to work out how many times you shave. I know most of us ladies are lazy during the winter, so you’ll probably change it to bi-monthly!

Thankfully you are able to cancel or change anytime, so if you feel you’ll shave regularly but actually don’t, you don’t have to worry about wasting your money on blades you won’t use until next month.


I am in love with my Shaviour! Who knew you could be in love with a razor blade? When I received Rose through the door, I instantly fell in love, the blade did feel a little weighty at first but now I’ve used Rose now for a little while, it feels like my old razor blade. I love how its metal, it feels super professional and you’ll feel amazing after shaving.

Rose leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, of course, you have to use the right Shaving Foam for it to really make an effect. The shave is close, much cleaner as well, giving me something that I’m not used to and is able to do its job amazingly. I think this is helped with the 6 diamond-coated steel blades.

Sometimes my skin can be left feeling horrible and can be a painful experience but thanks to the Vitamin E lubricating strip, Rose is able to give such a smooth finish. The blades really do remove the hair mostly all at once, if you’re like me and don’t shave that much in the Winter and you’re now shaving, Rose can’t really stand up to that battle!

But moving forward, I really feel like she’s going to work wonders to keep my legs feeling amazing while not feeling like a monthly chore.

One thing I love about FFS is how they’re promoting razor hygiene and how it’s critical to your health. I’m sure I’m not the only one that realised you shouldn’t use the same razor for longer than a week, even two or longer still! A lot of women confess that changing their blades is something they forget to do regularly, or that it’s just too expensive to keep up with.

Did you know that by using blades for too long you could
actually, be putting your health at risk?

Skin expert Dr Sabika Karim has been looking into this. She says it’s not just nicks and cuts that we should be worried about, but that you could even put yourself in hospital if you don’t change your razor blades more regularly. Her advice: change them every week. This is an issue close to their heart, that’s why FFS was created and hopefully, with their continued work, more women will know about razor hygiene.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Have you tried their Shaviours?
What are your thoughts on Friction Free Shaving


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*Thank-you Friction Free Shaving with gifting me their Rose Shaviour, in
return for an honest review, and sharing the products on my social media channels. All thoughts are my own,
for more information please see my About Page.



8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Shaving – Friction Free Shaving

  1. Would you definitely recommend this? I really want to sign up but I need to be sure that I won’t waste money. What shaving foam would you recommend to be “the right type”?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would most definitely recommend! It works out cheaper than razors on the high street and FFS do it all for you with new blades each month. I don’t know about the shaving foam though! I’ve yet to try any of them

      Liked by 2 people

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