Introduction to: Carspünk

Now, I’m sure if you really know me, you’ll know that I’m a massive fan of cars, of course, this goes hand in hand with my love for Motorsports. For the past three years, I have been the happy owner of an MG ZR in what seems to be the only colour they produced, Trophy Blue. There are still plenty of these on the road but some look worse for wear than others.

Since owning my little baby, I have been in love with her and when I give her some love, her colour truly pops! I have always received compliments for my car, even though underneath, I know she’s not the best she could be. One thing I love doing is cleaning her, but to do this, you need the correct products to really make her look beautiful as well as keeping her in good nick especially as she’s fifteen years old this year!

There are a lot of cleaning products on the market so it can take forever to find something you like as well as being affordable. You can buy a product for just about anything, from cleaning glass, tyres, exterior trim, interior trim, leather, you get the point. Recently, I came across Carspünk, a car cleaning company that has every product possible as well as their own clothing range!


I am now a Carspünk Ambassador after approaching them in regards to their bloggers, I’m really excited about this opportunity and to share them with you today. Within a couple of days of speaking with Bernie, I was at Silverstone meeting Stan and Tim to understand Carspünk a little more, the people behind the company and what being an Ambassador would actually entail!

This made everything all become real and I became very excited as leading up to this, I was hearing nothing but good about Carspünk and their cleaning products. I was even able to get a little taster when it came to their collection of air fresheners, they have a range called Unique Scents which includes nearly any scent you can imagine! I commented about Watermelon being my favourite and lucky for me, they had their very own Wacky Watermelon.

This scent was amazing! It made me even more excited to receive a box full of their products. A couple of days later, the postman gave me a big box full of goodies! I was so excited to get into the box to see what Carspünk gifted me, it just so happens they were delivered just in time for Pride of Longbridge. Meaning, I was able to use the products to make my car that little bit shinier.

I’m going to be here all day if I speak about every single product as I received a total of seventeen different products! I was even lucky enough to receive a Carspünk hoodie, meaning for those colder shows I can share the Carspünk brand with this warm hoodie. I am a massive fan of this and it’s great quality. I thought for today I would let you know what I received then soon I’ll let you know my feelings on each product.


Wash & Wax Jelly Bean 

‘the Classic’ ProWax

Body Polish

Metal Polish


Wheel Cleaner Premium HD

Tyre Blackener

Detail Spray

Exterior Trim Dress


Leather Cleaner

Vinyl Soft Shine

Unique Scents – Chocolate

Unique Scents – Unicorn Fart


Bug Remover

Fallout Remover

Tar, Marble & Glue Remover


ProU Trigger Bottles

Microfibre Towel

There we go, that’s all the goodies I received from Carspünk, I’m excited to use these products over the coming weeks. Hopefully, the weather will stay nice and I’ll be able to attend car shows up and down the country. These will come in handy to keep my little MG looking good and hopefully get some heads turning! I’ll definitely speak more about Carspünk and what I think about their products over the coming weeks.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! I know it’s a little different from my normal posts, but I’ve enjoyed introducing you to Carspünk


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