Blogger Book Nook #10 // Summer Holiday Romance

Can you believe that there have been a total of 10 Reading Challenge from the Blogger Book Nook! It felt like yesterday that I joined the club and now here we are. I don’t think I’ve missed uploading a post but unfortunately, a few don’t feature book reviews as life has got in the way.

This month’s Reading Challenge is Summer Holiday Romance! Now that the weather is starting to warm up, Abbey & Tabitha thought it would be fun to celebrate that classic romance read you read whilst away on holiday. There’s nothing better by the poolside than a little bit of romance, pick up a cocktail in one hand, and a light and fluffy romantic novel in the other!

We receive our monthly Reading Challenge from either Abbey or Tabitha, two of the kindest girls, on the Facebook page. Here we have some great conversations and are able to talk books! This is also the perfect opportunity to get to know new bloggers, ones that have a similar interest, books and reading.

Right, let’s get on with June’s Reading Challenge.

Blogger Nook Book

If you missed my Introduction to: Blogger Book Nook you should definitely check that post out here, before reading June’s Reading Challenge! I don’t want to fill this post up with too much of that as it’s all there for you to enjoy. For each Reading ChallengeAbbey and Tabitha come up with five questions for us to answer in relation to the prompt.

1) Are you a fan of the classic summer romance read? Or do you tend to pick up another genre when you go on holiday?
Romance is really not my cup of tea! These questions are going to be interesting to answer. For me, it would be anything else but Romance, from a Graphic Novel to Crime or even Science Fiction. I’m sure you’ll know this just by the Blog Book Tour I participate in each month.

2) Who’s your favourite romance author & what’s your favourite book written by them? Why?
Could you say Vampire Dairies is a Romance? It features a love story between a few of the characters! I really adore L. J. Smith and her particular writing style. The Vampire Diaries series is amazing as well as The Secret Circle. She would have to be one of my top authors.

3) Love triangles.. yay or nay?
Love triangles are perfect! It spices the story up massively and you know something bad is going to happen. It always gives a perfect read and something to fall in love with, also you sometimes even start to pick a side and hope for the best.

4) If you were stranded on an island, what book WOULDN’T you want to be stuck with?
Now, this is an interesting question! I love it, as I mentioned above, I’m not overly a fan of Romance so I think anything that’s 100% Romance would just be horrible. Maybe even a die-hard Thriller / Horror as well, I get scared pretty easily!!

5) If you were a character in a romance novel, what would be your ideal/dream love story?
Hmm, I suppose an ideal love story like the next girl! We all wish to meet that special guy, create a life together, that includes your own home and the perfect job. I’m really not one for kids so I would love to just travel the world with them.

Apologises but this month, I have been unable to pick up a book to read within the Romance genre. Meaning this month’s post finishes here! I’m really not a fan of this genre as well as having a really busy beginning of the month. I haven’t been able to sit down for five minutes to enjoy a book. As you can tell from my Monthly Favourites // May 2018.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! What one
Romance genre book do you love? 


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2 thoughts on “Blogger Book Nook #10 // Summer Holiday Romance

  1. I really didn’t get on well with the vampire diaries books which i shame because i loved the tv series to death!


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