June 2018 – Nature Photography Day

If you’re a fan of photography, then I’m sure you might just know what today is, or if you’ve read the title of this post! That’s right, I’m speaking about Nature Photography Day, I adore taking photos I have written about that countless times here on An Ocean Glimmer, even celebrating National Camera Day last June by taking photos of Plymouth.

It’s pretty simple what Nature Photography Day is, a day to celebrate those amazing souls who are able to capture nature’s beauty in the eye of a camera. Today is a good day for those who love a photo of a flower, a close up of a bee landing on the entrance to its hive or even marvelling at the grace of a gazelle leaping through the Savannah.

History of Nature Photography Day

Nature Photography Day was established by the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) to help bring awareness to the works they produce and the fragility of the subjects of their work. The NANPA was formed in 1994 by well over 100 nature photography enthusiasts. The members of this organization were deeply invested in the future of this art form.

The first step in truly appreciating the beauty that is nature photography is getting out into the world with your camera and finding beautiful and rare subjects to photograph. There are limitless possibilities in nature photography, ranging from standard photography to macro photography to capture all the smallest details of the natural world we live in.

How to celebrate Nature Photography Day

The first step to celebrating Nature Photography Day is getting out into the world with your camera, you can’t take photos of nature without being in it! There are many ways to do this, visit your local park and discover the beauty there or pop outside to your back garden and explore the little-hidden world of insects and flowers.

Nature photography is really beautiful and brings us closer to the world we live in, use Nature Photography Day as your excuse to get out into the world and take a closer look at it. Then use your camera to capture it for your memories and to reflect back on later in life. It’s the perfect excuse as well to explore your local town or city, especially if you’ve recently moved!

How am I celebrating Nature Photography Day? Well, I thought I would go for a walk around where I live in Aylesbury and see what I could find!

I loved celebrating Nature Photography Day today! It’s been good to explore my local area and find what’s about. This worked really well in Plymouth, so I just had to do it in Aylesbury and it’s really helped to get to know the town. Also, I just adore taking photos and sometimes there’s even something relaxing about it! Just walking around and taking a photo of something that might not catch someone else’s eye.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! How are you going to be
celebrating Nature Photography Day?


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