Keeping Organised as a Blogger

One very important life skill is knowing how to keep yourself organised, if you lack organisation, you’ll easily become overwhelmed and your work could start suffering. This skill is one of the most important things to blogging, whether you’re a new or aspiring blogger, keeping yourself organised can help you to keep track of everything. According to a lot of people that know me, I’m very organised!

I’m always being told I’m an organised person and they would kill to be organised themselves, I also get asked how I do it. I have always done this and found the correct ways to allow myself to be organised, I truly think without being organised I would be lost and wouldn’t know where to start and probably would forget things.

Since January, I have been at least four posts ahead of schedule, meaning over the weekend – when I have free time and I’m not working – I don’t have to blog because the posts have been written, photos taken and everything is scheduled! I love doing this as at the moment, my weekends are just a little busy, now this means I can have fun and don’t have to worry about An Ocean Glimmer.

Today, I’m sharing some tips for staying organised as a blogger.

Planning – Blogging can be time-consuming, there’s much more than writing a simple blog post, you have to take photos and edit them, promote your blog on social media. Planning ahead though allows more time to gather everything you need to finish, include whether you need any products. Do you need to take any photos or do any research? Allowing yourself some planning time helps you in the long run and makes you feel less rushed.

Editorial Content Calendar – For me having an Editorial Content Calendar is a MUST! This is the perfect thing to stay on top of your content, with this it will show you what posts are being published and when. Planning content in advance is great and with a Content Calendar you can include it all and from here start the planning process. This also creates consistency which can grow your authority.


Keep a planner – A planner is the best tool to use to remember important things and what’s happening when. You’re able to jot everything down, from launch dates, blogger events and deadlines. I wouldn’t recommend having too many planners, as this could complicate things but you don’t want to overload yourself with too much information in one planner.

Lists, Lists, Lists – Lists become your biggest friend! Before your day probably starts, write out what you would like to achieve that day, things like taking photos, replying to comments, scheduling tweets and even what blog posts to write. You could even spilt your lists into categories, this is the perfect way of making sure you achieve everything you need to. Getting everything out of your head and onto paper can really help.

Schedule – Don’t worry about what time you are writing a post or whether it’s three days before it’s published date, you can use this nifty thing called scheduling. This is a life saver especially if you are a student or work full-time, as your posts will be published without you having to worry. You are also able to schedule all your social media posts, meaning you won’t have to sneak out the office to tweet about your blog post that just went live.

Hopefully, with these tips, you’ll be able to keep yourself organised as a blogger and keep a track of everything. We are all different, some these might not all work for you but I would recommend trying them all and work out what’s best for you. If you stay organised when your blog starts to grow, you won’t be overwhelmed.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Are you an organised person?
What’s your one tip to keeping organised?


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