Monthly Goals // July 2018

We’re already halfway through the year, which means it’s less than six months until Christmas! Can you believe it? I love writing these Monthly Goals as it helps me to be on target for my Personal and Blogging Goals. I feel without them I would forget and go off track, there’s nothing worse than getting to the end of the year and not achieving the Goals you set out at the beginning.

Today I will be reflecting on the Goals I set myself for June and creating some new ones for July. June has definitely been a great month and things have been just a little busy with a couple of car shows and visiting Plymouth. I swear I have not stopped and it’s gone so quick to think it’s now July. You can learn all about what I’ve been loving throughout June here.

Before I set myself some new Goals for July, let’s reflect on my June Goals!

Read 2 Books – Done! I managed to read both Preceded by Chaos and The Creakers over the past month, which is great especially with it being such a busy month. With travelling, I have finally had the time to indulge in a book and get sucked into a different world. Fingers crossed next month will be just as good, helping to achieve my Goodreads 2018 Reading Challenge.

Better Understand SEO – Unfortauntely, I haven’t had the time to even consider understanding SEO! It actually briefing crossed my mind but haven’t had enough time to sit down to wrap my head around it to implement it on An Ocean Glimmer.

Visit Plymouth – Done! If you’ve followed my Instagram for the past week, you would have seen the daily updates. For me, this is pretty damn good! I had such a lovely time, it was great seeing all my friends and just relaxing for a whole week, Plymouth even featured in my Monthly Favourites.

Schedule Content on Facebook – Done! I have been happy with the amount of content I’ve shared on my Facebook page. It’s definitely not as much as my Twitter but it’s a step in the right direction. I would love to continue this into July and hopefully increase my views here.

Date Night – We haven’t exactly had a Date Night where we’ve enjoyed a meal but we have enjoyed just one another’s company when we visited Plymouth. We visited Jennycliff Beach together and spent more time together than we would normally. In my eyes, this is a completed Goal, I wanted to be able to spend more time with Yasmine.

Be More Active – Done! I think with being more active the past four weeks, I’ve been able to add more to all my social media channels and not just Twitter. My analytics aren’t looking that good for the past 30 days but I’m happy that more of my content is what I’ve posted instead of retweets. Buffer has definitely helped this month, especially sharing more content on Instagram.


Let’s get to my July Goals!

Read 2 Books – I have been really good recently with the number of books I’ve read. I’m sure I’ve been reading on average two a month which is helping me to progress greatly on my 2018 Reading Challenge. Fingers crossed I can continue this into July, especially with all the travelling I am doing.

Attend the British Grand Prix – This weekend is the British Grand Prix at Silverstone! I’m really looking forward to this event and hopefully, it’s going to be a good one, it’s crazy to think about how long I have now been doing this. Not a month goes past that I don’t want to be a volunteer at Silverstone.

3.5k Followers on Twitter – I’ve done pretty well with my Twitter following the past month. I’ve managed to reach a total of X, for July I’m hopeful that I can push this to 3.5k followers. I believe if I continue with what I’m currently doing, I’ll get there. I would love it if you followed me on Twitter, you’ll be able to keep up to date with everything and even know first when there’s a new post!

Make an Exercise Plan – In June, I came to the realisation that I need to lose weight to be happy in my body. Now I’m not one of those that want to go from size 16 to 8 because that’s just stupid in my eyes! What I would like to do is get to a weight / size that I’m happy with but also make myself fitter so walking up a flight of stairs doesn’t tire me out.

Continue Being Active – Personally, I’ve had a really good June for views / social media statistics. I haven’t put my all into this month but the work I have put in has definitely been rewarded. With another two maybe even three busy months coming, I need to continue being active to see the rewards. Even if this means taking a couple of hours an evening to schedule a lot of continue.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! What is the one thing you would love to achieve this month? Let me know in the comment!


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