How to have a good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep is incredibly important for health.

Sleep is such a vital role in good health and well-being throughout your life. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your mental health and physical health. Unfortunately, it can be hard to get to sleep to have a good nights, recently I have really been struggling with my sleep.

My sleeping pattern is all over the place. Sometimes I can climb into bed and drift off within seconds but other evenings, my brain just won’t switch off! I can then be awake for a further two even three hours. I am one of those people that will be grouchy and horrible in the morning so I need that important sleep!

Today, I’m sharing with you my steps to follow to help
fall asleep quickly and effortlessly.

1. Snooze Inducing Smells – I have really been struggling with drifting off to sleep recently, one thing I’ve never tried is snooze-inducing smells. Lavender always seems to be the number one scent to help you drift off to sleep, it’s a nice smell but I find it a little too overpowering. I have though come across AromaSpray, Pillow Mist from Laboratoire Saint Côme.

Pillow Mist is designed to promote a restful, restorative sleep, limiting tensions of the day, and allowing a harmonious, comforting good nights’ rest. Lavender is just one of the many amazing ingredients, Pillow Mist also includes Geranium, Lemongrass, Mandarin and Sweet Orange. It’s the perfect combination of ingredients to help you drift off quickly and have a good night’s sleep.


2. Complete Darkness – I find sleeping in complete darkness is brilliant, there’s nothing better than a completely dark room to help you drift away. A dark room will increase your natural production of melatonin, which is not only a great sleep inducer but a great cancer fighter as well. There are just a couple of perks! Also, during the Summer months, it’s horrible waking up with the sun to find out its only 6am.

3. Turn off Tech – In a world where everyone has a mobile phone, even a tablet, it’s definitely hard to switch off these devices when it’s bedtime. I am one of these people, I have to be watching something before drifting off, my partner even does the same! I’m not going to say it has to be an hour before bed, it’s about getting into a routine to respond to your emails, check your social media before getting into bed. Nothing is important so it can wait until the morning.

4. Read Before Bed – Instead of scrolling through my Twitter, I much prefer to read a book. This step goes hand in hand with the one above as instead of responding to emails or checking social media, you can read a few chapters of a book you’ve been meaning to read for a while. I’ve got a couple of those on my bookcase! There’s something relaxing about a book and even helps to calm you down before going sleep.


5. A Perfect Temperature – There is nothing worse than a hot and sticky bedroom while you’re trying to relax. I adore the duvet but if it’s too hot then it has to go! Sleep is about being comfortable and switching off your brain. Maybe open a window, allow some cool air into the room or even switch on a fan. Don’t let the temperature of your room stop you from drifting off.

The past couple of months I have thankfully received some much deserved good night’s sleep. It’s easy to get good sleep once you know how I hope with these simple steps you’ll be able to. If you like the sound of AromaSpray, Pillow Mist you can receive £2 off any bottle from their website using the code Gemma2018. With one spray an evening, this Pillow Mist will seem to last you forever. One spray is definitely more than enough to drift off!

I hope these simple steps will help you relax and have a good night’s sleep!
What’s one step of your routine you couldn’t forget?


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*Thank you Lillian Gusto for gifting me AromaSpray, Pillow Mist in return for a review. All thoughts
and opinions are my own, all for more information please see my About Page.


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