Reduce Bingo Wings with skin689®

I’m always learning something new about my body and the types of products to use, I was recently contacted by Word of Mouth Communication to try one of their client’s new products. It’s a product that I have never thought to try until now after researching the brand and product.

The product I’m speaking about is Firm Skin Upper Arms from skin689®, an emulsion especially designed for the skin of the upper arms that catalyzes energy metabolism and breakdown of fatty acids.

I’ve been trying it for a couple of weeks now and thought it would be the perfect time to introduce you to skin689® and their products. Before getting to my review of their Firm Skin Upper Arms, I thought I would speak about skin689®, a brand from Switzerland.

Who are skin689®?

skin689® is a brand from Switzerland, founded in 2014, based in Zurich. The mission is to develop effective skincare products that do not merely have a short-term effect but lastingly improve the skin structure. Each product is developed specifically for the targeted area, aiming to enhance the skin’s appearance.

To ensure the efficacy of their products, they work closely with scientists, dermatological institutes and laboratories, beauty institutes in Switzerland and other cosmetics specialists. skin689® combines innovative, exclusive, tested and proven active ingredients against cellulite and contour loss.

skin689® has developed a number of proprietary drug complexes, including the patent-pending CHacoll™, which stimulates the skin’s own collagen synthesis, or CoAXEL™, which work together to break down excess fatty acids and tighten skin.


Firm Skin Upper Arms – Crocus bulb extract strengthens the collagen network and caffeine drains the tissue. skin689® has developed an emulsion especially designed for the skin of the upper arms that catalyzes energy metabolism and breakdown of fatty acids.

As I’m young, ‘bingo wings’ aren’t something I have to worry about but it’s good to know the products on the market to tackle these before they happen. To me, it does sound like a science experiment with all the ingredients in this product to break down fatty acids.

CoAXEL™ is a combination of three active ingredients – Coenzyme A (CoA) which promotes energy metabolism and breakdown of fatty acids. These fatty acids are then transported, bound to L-carnitine. And Caffeine drains the tissue and activates an enzyme that cleaves and degrades fat.

With this combination of ingredients and daily use, the fat layer in your skin is reduced in thickness. Thankfully the product doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky and with sweet Almond Oil, your skin is soothed while Shea Butter and Panthenol provides moisture and an increase of skin elasticity.

I love the variety of ingredients as this helps to solve not just one problem in one cream but a couple, including:

-Promotes the production of collagen and elastin

-Tightens and strengthens the skin

-Increases the elasticity of the skin

-Protect and regenerate the skin cells

-Nurture the skin

The packaging is so clean and professional looking! With 40ml setting you back £34.50 this is definitely no surprise! For this price, you want a product that not only does what it says it should but also looks presentable. The whole firming range from skin689® definitely gives a massive tick in this box!

Also as this product is designed for your upper arms, there is no need to use masses amount of the cream. I have been using this daily for the whole of June and there is still plenty remaining! I can see this lasting me hopefully another month, with its pump dispenser you’ll be able to get every last drop out.


There has been a lot of research gone into the whole range from skin689® which is perfect as there’s something there to back up everything they’re talking about. You can find out more about this research here. Sometimes when you’re unsure about a product this can help sway your mind.

The Firm Skin Upper Arms has a beautiful formulation that leaves a very delicate feel on the skin and a super-pleasant feeling. I feel refreshed after using and I know with continued use, I will see a difference. Maybe not a massive one but a difference is a difference.

Finally, my skin looks smoother and somehow plumper.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! The firming range from skin689® includes four different products, Creme Anti-Cellulite, Firm Skin Decolleté and Neck, Firm Skin
Upper Arms and Bio-Cellulose Face Mask, all the products can be found here if anything takes your fancy.

If you would like to purchase Firm Skin Upper Arms take advantage of my promo code which allows for £2 off any bottle from their website! Just enter Gemma2018 once you’ve added the product to your basket.

I hope you have enjoyed this little review! Have you tried anything from skin689®, what are your thoughts on their products?


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*Thank you Word of Mouth Communications for gifting me Firm Skin Upper Arms in return for a review on An Ocean Glimmer. All thoughts and opinions are my own, for more information please see my About Page.



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