Brighter Skin in 4 Weeks With Fade Out

There are so many products on the market to include in your morning / evening routine, that it’s hard to understand which product to use. With so many different companies all telling you that their product will reduce problems we women love to hate. For as long as I can remember, I have always had problems with my skin, leading to me going on the search for the best skincare products.

In mid-June, I signed up for the 4 Week Challenge with Fade Out, the journey towards skin confidence. I was a little unsure at first about the Challenge as with sensitive skin, I have to be very careful about the type of products I use. I’m glad I was able to choose the correct products for my skin type and no sooner than signing up, I had received my products.

Now here I am one month later and the 4 Week Challenge is complete! I thought I would share my thoughts and feelings with you about these products. Has my skin become brighter? Do I agree with what they’re promising? Please keep reading!

Before going straight into the products I’ve been using, I thought I would speak a little about Fade Out.

Who are Fade Out?

Fade Out was created over 30 years ago by British beauty entrepreneur, Doug Fawcett. Having had a successful career within global beauty businesses, Doug saw the opportunity to create a new and innovative skin lightening brand. The brand offers a range of quality products with formulations which are clinically proven to moisturise and even skin tone.

The Fade Out range has been developed specifically to even skin tone, whilst hydrating and protecting the skin. The formulations use natural active ingredients which work together to reduce areas of hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure, aging and hormonal changes, leaving skin looking bright, radiant and even in skin tone.

Now about the products:


Advanced+ Even Skin Tone Vitamin Enriched Day Cream SPF25

A nourishing advanced formulation containing active natural ingredients to even skin tone, with the addition of Vederine® and Kahai Oil, which offer benefits essential to skin health.

Advanced+ Even Skin Tone Vitamin Enriched Night Cream

Rich in essential vitamins, this advanced formula contains active natural ingredients to even skin tone and Vederine® and Kahai Oil to help protect, nourish and hydrate the skin.

I have been continuously been using both of these creams daily throughout the 4 Week Challenge. For best results, Fade Out do state to use the Day Cream in conjunction with the Night Cream. I have definitely seen a difference since first using this product, I am much happier with my skin and has faded my acne and dark spots over the course of the challenge.

Of course, nothing happens overnight just by using both creams once, you have to continually use both to see the improvements. By the second week, my skin was already feeling softer, smoother and more hydrated. I have learnt a couple of things by taking the 4 Week Challenge.

Did you know sun damage, ageing and hormonal changes can all cause hyperpigmentation? This is excessive pigmentation of the skin and will result in uneven skin tone. With a combination of active natural ingredients, Fade Out products reduce the production of Melanin.

What’s Melanin I hear you ask? The brown pigment in our skin, which when overproduced can create dark patches. The active ingredients work to inhibit the production of Melanin, without regular use of Fade Out, Melanin production will return to normal and areas of hyperpigmentation will become visible again.

By including SPF and UVA / UVB filters, the products will help protect the skin against sun damage. Fade Out should not be used as a primary sunscreen, I do recommend using Altruist Dermatologist SunscreenAltruist Dermatologist Sunscreen has been my go-to sunscreen so far this Summer.



I’ve noticed how little of both cream you require for a full coverage, the first time I used the Day Cream I used way too much, leaving my skin feeling sticky and horrible. I’ve learnt from this to use a little dab on my finger for each area of your face.

Same with the Night Cream as there’s nothing worse than trying to get comfy in your bed but can’t because your face is all sticky so you can’t lay down on your pillow. Also with not having to use that much of each Cream, it truly goes a long way. I can see both products lasting me a further month, maybe even two! Which for the size of product at 50ml seems really good for money.

One of my biggest worries was the reaction the products could have with my sensitive skin and acne, thankfully since using them I haven’t had any side effects. Fade Out does not contain any ingredients which are known to irritate or cause an allergic reaction, I would recommend doing a patch test as we are all different!

There is no need to worry about your acne as with the key ingredient being Niacinamide, it’s been proven within the skincare industry to help acne at higher levels of inclusion. Tests have not been carried out for this particular problem but it’s likely to have a positive rather than negative effect on acne. I have noticed a massive reduction in the number of spots and irritation on my skin.

Something within both the Day Cream and Night Cream must be putting my acne to rest. With having to be careful with the amount and types of products I use in my routine, I have only been using the Fade Out products. Removing the range of Ordinary products I have previously been using to tackle my acne.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! What are your thoughts on Fade Out? Will you be adding a Fade Out product to your routine?


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*I was gifted both the Day Cream and Night Cream from Fade Out, in return for an honest review,
all thoughts are my own, for more information please see my About Page.



5 thoughts on “Brighter Skin in 4 Weeks With Fade Out

  1. How brilliant that you’ve found products like this that work for you! My skin has only just calmed down after a huge flare of breakouts and I’m so happy about it. It’s so much better to use natural products I’ve found! Great review Gemma, i hope they continue to work for you!
    Alice Xx


    1. It’s really hard isn’t it! You know it must have been before this challenge that I had breakouts. I haven’t had anything as bad which is great. Thank youu Alice, glad you like the review.


    1. Completely! It shows that nothing happens overnight and you need to keep using for it to actually work. So many people feel after two days something doesn’t work! Thank youu Alice, hopefully it continues to work

      Liked by 1 person

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