July 2018 // Paperback Book Day

For as long as I can remember, I have always been reading. I love it and it’s such a great way to escape for a couple of hours. Sometimes you can have a good amount of free time to read a couple of chapters but unfortunately, not all the time. I know there are now eBook versions of your favourite books to read on your phone / tablet but there’s nothing better than having the paperback in your hands.

Today is Paperback Book Day, a good day to celebrate all paperback books whether it’s heading to your favourite bookshop or looking over your collection to recall those quiet days spent reading a book.

History of Paperback Book Day

One of the things that led to lighter books being developed was the commonality of the railway. While books were a fine way to pass the time, they were dearly expensive and quite large and heavy. So it was that the first paperback books were aimed at railway passengers.

Since that time paperback books have become increasingly popular for both their reduced price, as well as their portability. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as holding a book in your arms and curling yourself around it of a quiet evening. Paperback Book Day honours and exalts this practice of comfort and leisurely days.

How to celebrate Paperback Book Day

The best way to celebrate Paperback Book Day is to curl up with your favourite paperback book. If it’s been a while since purchasing a paperback book, why not visit your local bookshop and find something new or something you’ve been after for a while. How about even visiting your charity shops and seeing what treasures they have?

Then once you’ve searched through all the stores, why not look over your collection and chose that book you haven’t read in a while? Or even that one that reminds you of something / someone special in your life. There are plenty of different ways to celebrate Paperback Book Day and make time for that much-deserved reading in your life.

How am I celebrating Paperback Book Day? Well, I thought I would read continue reading The Creakers from Tom Fletcher!


I started reading The Creakers when I travelled down to Plymouth but unfortunately was never able to finish it as I’ve been super busy. Even though it’s a kid’s fiction book I am in love and is really addicting once you get stuck in. I can see how this is loved by kids, it’s really easy to read and understand, also has some great funny moments that kids will understand.

I’ve heard great things about the books Tom has written, I grew up with him but as a member of McFly. It’s good that he’s gone down a different path and enjoyed becoming a writer. This book is full of silly magical and moments which made me laugh out loud. I love the humourous way Tom describes things. The adventure element is so much fun, Lucy is the perfect main character: she’s strong, feisty and confident.

I loved celebrating Paperback Book Day today! It’s been good to escape
from the day-to-day life and enjoy reading a book, especially one as interesting and fun as The Creakers!

I hope you have enjoyed this post! What’s your favourite book?


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