How I Juggle Blogging Whilst Working Full-Time

I have been blogging on and off for nearly two years, in this time I like to think I have learnt just a little when it comes to blogging but also how to juggle this while working. It’s not been until joining 4CM that you realise how much time blogging can take up, while in university, I could work around that but also had time on the weekend.

Now it’s only the weekend I designate my time to blog. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t come without its problems, but thanks to being quite organised, I’m able to do it! It can get even harder when I’m away at Silverstone or just super busy travelling. I thought today I would share how I manage this and hopefully if you’re struggling to give you some handy tips.

Here are my five tips to juggle blogging while working full-time:

Schedule Content

All those tweets you see throughout the day on my Twitter, I don’t have the time to be adding them manually so I use Buffer and can schedule up to 10 posts free on each social media channel. This is brilliant as I can share all my new content as well as old on a specific time, it’s all automated so I don’t have to worry about it. I would recommend using an app like this as it’s really helpful, especially if you can’t be at your laptop 24/7.


If you use WordPress like myself, you are even able to schedule all your posts! This is most definitely a live saver for me, as I don’t get home till 6pm when my posts should go live. I don’t know if I would have continued blogging if I didn’t have these schedule functions! I won’t go into too much detail here as I’ll explain in my next point but this is really helpful to writing content in advance.

Write in Ahead

As I mentioned above, I can only blog at the weekend but unfortunately, some weekends I’m busy, whether it’s visiting family or going to Silverstone. I find writing either a week ahead or more is really helpful if you can get in the mood to blog, continue writing all weekend and get a couple of posts off your back. This then allows maybe the next weekend to enjoy yourself, especially if it’s warm weather like it has been currently!

For me, I only post twice a week and this routine works really well, but I know for some people, they post more than twice a week. Currently, I don’t think I could do that, Blogmas was hard enough for one month, let alone all the time! I am currently writing this post on Sunday 5 August, just over two weeks away. With a weekend at Silverstone coming up, this is going to be really helpful as I don’t have to worry about it.

Plan in Advance

People like to say I’m very organised, now most of the times I do but that’s only because I have things in place to keep me organised. From my calendar to notes and more importantly my Dot Creates, I Can Do This Blog Planner, which has become a live saver. As it’s undated you’re able to start using this planner whenever, which is perfect and even better if you skip a month of blogging.


Currently, I have planned my content all the way up to end of August, this is where this post comes in! But I’m sure by then I’ll already be writing September posts before you know it, November will come around and I’ll be writing Christmas content for Blogmas. Planning in advance is great as you know what posts are being scheduled when also you know what you need and when.

Bulk Take Photos

This goes hand in hand with the tip above really, if you’re writing three posts in one go, why not bulk take your photos. I always write my posts first, then take all my photos, it’s so much better and you know exactly how many you require and on what. Write a list of the photos you have to take, then get out your camera and props to spend an afternoon taking photos. It’s refreshing ticking things off your list once done.


To-Do List

Follows onto my next tip, to-do lists! I love the revamp of the I Can Do This Blog Planner as it includes a double page spread with your calendar, notes and other important areas to jot down any information. Here I create a very simple to-do list, including the posts I need to write, photos I need to take and anything else like updating Buffer or replying to emails. I am a big fan of creating lists as you know if you’re on target.


You definitely don’t have to over complicate this process and it can even be on a scrap bit of paper. Just list out everything that needs to be done, hopefully, you’ll never forget anything, well one can at least hope if you remembered to write it down! You can even break this list down further to say which things need to be done this week and which can wait a little while, that’s why I like using the notes on the calendar area.

There we go everyone, my five tips on How To Juggle Blogging Whilst Working Full-Time, hopefully, it all makes sense and you’re able to incorporate this into your blogging schedule. I know it was a long post, so if you’ve lasted this long, thank-you! I would love to know if you like these types of posts. I haven’t done much in terms of Blogging 101, shall we call it. If you want more, please let me know!

I hope you have enjoyed this post! What is one Blogging tip you live by?
Let me know in the comments.


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9 thoughts on “How I Juggle Blogging Whilst Working Full-Time

  1. I really needed to read something like this as I sometimes find myself lacking in blogging motivation since I started a full time job. Thanks for the tips, I’m going to get a planner as I hope that’ll help out things in perspective for me.

    Soffy //



  2. I work full-time and blog too. It can be rough! I had never heard of the blog planner. That is a really cute idea. I have a huge day planner that I use for everything because I struggle to use different ones. The To Do list is a must! P.S. I really like your phone case!


    1. Most definitely! It’s such a great planner I would recommend to every blogger, it’s great to have a place just for everything blog related. The to do list is perfect! Really helpful to keep me on track each week. Thank youu lovely! It’s a personalised one from MyPersonalisedCase such a great company


  3. These are all excellent tips Gemma! The WordPress schedule post feature is makes blogging so much easier! I really love your DotCreates planner. Planning ahead is definitely the key. You sound really organised and you have such pretty handwriting. Thank you for sharing ❤ xx

    Bexa |


    1. I know right, it’s perfect! Thank-you, it’s the perfect planner as a blogger. I know, planning ahead is perfect and helps in the long run. A lot of people say that about me, I do try my best haha, also about my handwriting.


  4. These are some great tips. I used to find it very difficult to keep up with posting about my blog on social media until I discovered Buffer – it’s a must have. I actually don’t own a planner! I know, bad blogger here. But I do use my phone’s calendar for planning and write and schedule posts in advance. Taking photos in advance is something I need to do more of as some have gone out with me forgetting to upload any!


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