5 Places I Would Love to Travel to

I have always loved to travel, there’s just something about travelling to a different country that makes me smile! Even though I’m 22 years old, I have only been abroad to three places, Gran Canaria, Majorca and Italy, all within five years. I would love to travel to more places but with money problems, it’s definitely hard too!

Travelling abroad definitely has its perks and reasons for enjoying, Yasmine has pretty much been everywhere but for her, she would always go abroad every year. Where on the flip side for me, I didn’t go abroad until I met her and I went with her family. I thought today I would share with you a couple of places I would love to travel to.

There are some great places in the world and I want to see them! Shall we begin?

I have wanted to travel to America for as long as I can remember! It looks like such a beautiful country and there’s so much to see / do. I would love to do a road trip to a couple of different states, taking in all the beauty. A road trip has to be done in style, what a better way to explore America than in a campervan. Of course, this can be expensive but with Compare and Choose* you’re able to compare campervan hire prices with their simple to use comparison engine to get the best price. The food looks amazing, everything is bigger and better, also you can’t say no to Orlando!

I don’t want to travel to Australia just because it’s the home of my favourite Formula 1 driver. I have always wanted to visit Australia thanks to the beautiful country, the animals and just to explore really, also taking in things that might not be there in a few years time. For example the Great Barrier Reef.

Canada is most definitely one of those places you have to visit! Places like VancouverToronto and Montreal just shout please visit, they’re beautiful and there’s a lot you just have to visit, such as Niagara Falls. Canada also opens itself to the beautiful countryside and all kinds of activities to get you out and about.

The history of Japan is definitely something that attracts me to this country, it would be great just to wander around and take everything in. During certain times of the year, Japan is even more beautiful, I would love to go during Winter to see their Winter Illuminations just to feel a bit more Christmassy. Also, it would be pretty cool to visit while the Japanese Grand Prix is on to spend the weekend at Suzuka Circuit.

Volvo, IKEA and Meatballs, all things I already enjoy that are Swedish but won’t it be cool to actually visit Sweden! There sure are some beautiful cities such as Stockholm and Gothenburg, it would be good to experience these myself. To me there is so much good about this country, they have some amazing culture and traditions so would love to experience myself.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments
one place you would love to travel to.


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